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  1. Jimmy the greek was a real guy, and it pretty much happened the way Burr said; plus, the coach and black players, was real; and was only about a year ago. GT Greek, was, about thirty years ago!

  2. Bill burr content and you are your way .. love that guy and pulling for you here YouTube πŸ’―.. hope 2019 your doing great my young man. Peace and happy holidays you and your family

  3. Here are some of the best Bill Burr stand up skits.

    Helicopter Story.
    Epidemic of Gold Diggin' Whores.
    The Philly Rant.
    Losing Your Shit and Marriage.
    And, lastly…Old Man Face.

    If you like Bill Burr then you should also definitely look up Patrice O'Neal, Ralphy May, Joe Rogan, Bert Kriecher, and Joey Diaz. All of them are absolutely hilarious. If you don't watch that much stand up they are some of the best.

  4. I liked this reaction. You look like a totally chill dude.

    Suggestions – If you like Burr, check out his 'Old Man Face' bit… 'Chain restaurants' bit… and 'helicopter story' bit… those are not that long.

    Then if you still want more of his stuff.. check out his slightly longer bits like… 'No reason to hit a woman'… and 'Epidemic of gold digging whores'.

    If you want his comedy in a non-stand up kinda setting, his Conan show interviews are fricking gold. In that category, I'd suggest these ones… lance armstrong – oprah holier than thou…. Bill Burr doesn't like Black Friday… Bill Burr making fun of the military…

    Okay, that's a good list to start out with. Cheers, man.