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In US news and current events today, as the country weeps over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police brutality, celebrities and influencers are getting behind Black Lives Matter and speaking out on the senseless George Floyd death and the routine discrimination and injustice faced by Black Americans.

In this LL Cool J video, the legendary rapper delivers a trademark LL Cool J Black Lives Matter freestyle about the state of the country, the George Floyd killing, and the righteous anger and cries for justice that have gone unheard for too long. I Can’t Breathe has become a rallying cry for a genuine uprising, and this LL Cool J rap will become an anthem as the nation marches toward peace and justice.

#GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #ICantBreathe #Protests #PoliceBrutality #News #NowThis #NowThisNews

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  2. Is he making a come back. It's tough to rap about the hood when you have armed body guards and live in a mansion. Nice try to capitolize on the times and try to stay relevant. Sell out.

  3. Very powerful, very real, very true, this country will forever bear the shame of how it was built and founded, founded on Genocide of indigenous people, Robbed of their land and everything that was held sacred, and slavery of African Americans against their will, Genocide, Robbery and Slavery.R.I.P George Floyd, it's a shame to see that Humanity hasn't evolved enough to get past the ignorance.

  4. Taylor swift knows black people are innocent and she stands up for them and injustice she know black people hardly ever sell drugs or do crime but get accused of it ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Taylor wants that coke head out of power now she doesn't believe in drug use ! Floyd was a good man who wouldn't hurt a fly he wanted a fully black run world where everyone is equal and treated fairly he hated drugs and immorality and hated pedophiles and drug dealers alike he was the face of the future and knew that a worldwide world with black influence would be a drug free world of love

  5. What I never liked about the group is that many had donated them but I have never seen them go out of their way to help poor suffering blacks. How much money does that group have? Quite a bit and they waste their time complaining about rights they already have. What are the things that a black person can't do that non blacks can do? Last time I checked, they can own property, vote, become insanely rich and become president. Where's the oppression?

    There isn't any. There are some cops who will pick on folks, but more often than not, those crooked cops will pick on ANYONE regardless of race. How many whites have been abused by law enforcement, or asians or native americans? They act as if it only happens to blacks. And they act like the entire judicial system is against blacks and composed of whites or something. Did people forget that there's a bunch of black cops also? As well as black lawyers and judges?

    Even if a cop steps over the line and actually is racist, what does it matter? A crooked cop is a crooked cop and will do crappy things and even if it was racially motivated, it doesn't make the crime somehow worse. What difference does it make a cop abuses a person whether he doesn't like the color of his skin, or the color of his friggin shoes. It doesn't matter, because he's abusing the law.