Today, we’re going on an epic East African food crawl, trying out Kenyan, Ethiopian, & Somalian food with 2 of our friends, Jordan V & Jordan D!

Jordan V (Zookeeper):
Jordan D (DJ):

Ethiopian: Star Coffee

00:00 – Intro
1:42 – Kenyan Food
8:39 – Somali Food
14:35 – Ethiopian Food
17:44 – Outro

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EDITOR // Justin Kim
MUSIC // Origami Beats ( RickyFlarez ( Birocratic Beats, Erik Kingsley

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  1. Sambusa is still a samosa. East africans have sambusa inherited from Indian culture which were called samosas. Westerners went with samosa. Only difference in is the filling based on cultural and religious restrictions.

  2. You use your right hand because it is said you use your left to do your business in the bathroom. Even saying hello with your left hand is sort of taboo lol! Good stuff. Juba restaurant really does the most. Visit them if you're ever in the bay area. 😊

  3. Okay but there is a difference between EAST Africa and EASTERN Africa. Ethiopia and Somalia are not part of East Africa but they are part of EASTERN Africa. East Africa is composed of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, whereas EASTERN Africa is made up of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

  4. We eat using our hands!!…ugali..chapati…the only thing we eat using spoons and forks is rice and spaghetti related foods…. And even rice like biryani and pilau in most places, is also eaten using hands

  5. Aye!!! Dropping more fire content! This one was pretty tasty! Even for someone like me who used to be so picky. I've gotten way better over the years. Everyone drop a like for Andrew and David for being so cultured.