Joy Reid talks about the #BlackLivesMatter movement and adjusting to her new show’s schedule.

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Joy Reid on White People Joining the Black Lives Matter Movement- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  1. BLM is nothing more than an anti American racist hate group run by people that are pickering all the donations. Total fraud with ZERO money going to black communities that need the money.

  2. Dont believe distorted and bios commentaries by the "Left" , why do you
    think some of the BLM youtube vids have comments turned off? free your
    mind and watch and share this trailer ~~~> ​

  3. Joy Reid is the last person that should be talking about BLM when she lauds all the moves the Dems make or lack there of. She doesn’t give a damn about black lives, she’s for the elites and nothing lower

  4. Funny how these people pretend to be intellectual and yet they never mentioned the qualified immunity Doctrine you can protest all you want but until the qualified immunity Doctrine is repealed nobody's getting any justice from the police department trust and believe I don't care what color you are

  5. Well Wannabee Winnie Manedela is realy on a media sprey. Seth.. I am disappointed… Ask Joy why she insulted LGBTQ and Insluted European kingdoms and made a point by showing a manipulated chart. Why does this woman get a free pass… Becaus she is black.. Well Joy Reid is using her Blackness for her own fame… and all you snowflakes fall for this Trumpian blackness.

  6. White people are just human beings too. They are not separate nor do they have any power. They are not oppressing people with their super powers. They don't have laser beams coming out of their eyes. Just like black people are not helpless either. Racism is an exaggeration nothing more.

  7. Her program and Rev Al are two black MSNBC programs. If you're white you'll not be seen on Politics Nation or AM Joy. Overt black racism is OK? Sure, that really helps diversity in the US. Just what we need, more racism.