Hey Queens, I did this live stream to update you on what I am doing to grow my 4c hair to waislength
also to respond to your questions while I braid my hair up.

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……………… Natural hair specialist
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please watch how to care for your natural hair

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  1. Fenugreek seeds works, however, if you are protein sensitive don't use it as a mask because it will make your hair dry. I prefer to use it infused in oil. You get the same benefits I think.

  2. What all are you going to include in your regimens for this challenge and exactly what day do we start cuz I want to braid my hair?πŸ˜±πŸ‘€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  3. Hey Sam… I have alopecia in the crown and edges, I have to wear wig to work for 5 days per week.
    I oil my hair at least 3 times per week and also moisturize it.
    I heard you mentioned that my hair need oxygen but I cannot wear my natural hair in public

  4. Samantha I am enjoying your video ,one last question do I have to deep conditions every time I wash my hair please thank you , have a blessed and wonderful night Shalom🌹

  5. Hi Samantha I watched your video. I live in Papua New Guinea. I wish there was someone like you where I live.who does natural hair. We don't have any idea how too look after our natural hair here.. your videos are definitely informative!! Thankyou

  6. Samantha I am also having problems with my hair line my sister don't have any hair line she had surgery done many years but it didn't help .I speak over my hair when I am styling it ,and I also start to massaging my hair line I notice a difference.

  7. Samantha the only time I have ever grown my hair past my shoulder was when I was processing my hair , but I now I have been natural for about eight years I didn't know that you don't have to blow dry your hair I thought leaving it wet would damage it so I just blow dry every time,but if I can get it to waist length while I am natural, just me I would be so happy😁🌹

  8. Blessings good evening Samantha that I missed your live chat but I watched the video .I have very fine hair ,honestly I don't know what type of hair I have but it is fine and also tin my friend told me to use coconut oil to give it some body but it makes my hair so dry, so stop using it and now using castor oil and olive oil do you think that these oil will thicken my hair .Thank you God bless

  9. Awe i miss it againπŸ˜”. Oh well, i'll just watch it and post my question and hope you can respond.

    Doing my mini braids on friday too cause i am going to do this journey with you. Oh i am a Jamaican and also lives in Jamaica 😁

    My problem is shedding but i am 10 months since i have my baby boy
    I when through shedding before and see it start again its confusing me. What can i do to combat this?

    Whould you be posting what your doing with your mini braids and tips how to keep them so long, wash day etc..?