John Witherspoon – Stand-Up Comedian (late 1980s)

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  1. I really hate that he had to pass in order for ppl to give him the respect he deserves. Not complaining better late than never but this man has been making the world laugh for years and not just that but if you think about it he played pops so well that most ppl didn’t even know his name but they knew pops

  2. Woww, he grew into his character and it didn't take him long, by 1991. He had his signature way of acting. No black and white jokes, no poor me , just plain great comedy. Rest in peace my friend. He didn't have big parts in movies, but the ones he had, he would take the scene and make it great. I could not picture any other actor play ice cube dad In Friday.

  3. John Witherspoon was born in 1942 . This video was in the late 80's . His age at 1987 -45 ,1988- 46 , 1989 – 47 . In 2019 He turned 77 . We are talking 30 or more years. Mr Witherspoon looked really good considering how the young men and women look today in society. Most of our young people having botox treatments and plastic surgery before 50 years of age.

  4. "Boy, bring your ass up in here. What you talkin' 'bout, you wait 'til I come out? I smelled your shit for 22 years, now you can smell mine for five minutes." Damn I miss him already. πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  5. It's ironic how he said "we need to stop talking about people we can apply a more positive connotation to that which probably enable a potential serious shift in our community.

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  7. For all of the laughs, the unique entertainment,and true knowledge that you've shown us John we love and appreciate you. You will truly be missed and on the same levels of Redd Foxx,Richard Pryor,Robin Harris,and Bernie Mac never in a lifetime will we have another John Witherspoon.. Bang Bang Bang!!!!! Rest Easy..

  8. Yo pops there will be anotha pops like u fo sho. U gotta coordinate. Always pops. U will b dearly and truly missed. My ❀ goes out to ur family. Thank u for the good times

  9. John was a way better actor than a stand up comic. From boomerang to house party all the Fridays and his big role in the Wayans brothers. Hilarious as heck. I will never forget the things hr said to make me laugh. Rip Pops…Shhhhh dont tell noooobody πŸ˜†