Take it from Chinese American stand-up comedian Joe Wong. Walls don’t work.

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  1. The wall in China didn't work simply it was build by slaves and that it's self is a resentment to the Chinese citizens, many innocent civilians died building that wall and Chinese leaders never talk about this. The wall that's being made now in USA is built for totally different reasons and no slaves involved.

  2. As a #UnitedStates #Veteran who served during the final years of the #ColdWar, and a 40-year #Eisenhower #Republican who has a lifetime of respect for our Heroic #Combat #Veterans – on this weekend that should be honoring their sacrifices – I find the cowardly acts of #VietnamWar #DraftDodgers Donald Trump and Joe Biden to be sickening ..

    Without question, the way Trump, the Trump administration and his Congressional Trumpets have handled our public health crisis has been one of the biggest debacles in United States history. While our Allies and Friends in Europe and Asia are now on the road to recovery, with medically-based and scientifically-based policies, illnesses and deaths continue to increase in the United States, where businesses are either being forced to shutter forever or they are struggling to stay afloat, schools are unable to fully resume and an alarming number of families face hunger and homelessness and decades of poverty ..

    The disastrous situation in America stems directly from Donald Trump's refusal to follow scientific and medical expertise and basic health-saving recommendations, such as wearing face masks and staying a few feet apart when in public .. Decisions that protect the American People have been left in the capable hands of honorable Republican and Democratic Governors, rising to the duties of their office, and implementing medically-sound safeguards that reduce illness and death from a Viral infection that is killing Americans — unfortunately, many of our states are under the dictatorial control of a violently unstable Donald Trump, and have been forced to follow the imperial imperative to open up as quickly as possible — rather than as safely as possible ..

    Additionally, We, the People, of the American Nation founded 244 years ago on the Heroic principles of Freedom and Equality and Justice for all, are now in a state of Constitutional Crisis: As the dictatorial fantasies of Donald Trump keep pushing a narrative of lawlessness and crime, the conversation of Civil and Human Rights has moved away from the root problem that gave initial rise to a nationwide movement of peaceful protests: entrenched racism in our criminal justice system, from policing African American and Hispanic Communities to unbalanced prison terms for Latinos and Blacks. The ways in which racism shapes how our criminal justice system is administered, at the federal, state and community levels, have been highly-documented by hundreds of experts, scholars and journalists. Unfortunately, corruption reigns in our Democratic and Conservative Political Parties, and not enough progress has been made in public policy to address our Nation's racial injustice, which has been violently supported, for more than 150 years, by racist criminals within our Democratic and Conservative Parties ..

    America's 48% Majority of Patriotic, Anti-Trump, pro-racial-equality Republicans and Moderate, Anti-Biden, Anti-Racist Democrats must #UniteTogether, and bring the conversation back to the issue of Equal and Civil Rights Reform – and Justice for Innocent Minorities – as Trump seizes on the alt-right and alt-left violence that has emerged from what began as Constitutionally-protected peaceful protests ..

    Trump will surely boast that the unemployment numbers — while still high — have fallen. However, few experts will argue that the economy is robust and thriving. Large sectors of the economy have been decimated, as a result of Covid-19, and it remains unclear how they will rebuild and survive. Many Americans face job insecurity and continue to feel the pressure of rising debt. Last week, the stock market tanked – again – with experts warning of a market crash. And for the last several years – long before the devastating effects of the Coronavirus, #BradHartliep has been laying out a non-partisan agenda for achieving working class and middle class economic recovery and growth, that the Democrats and Conservatives have kept stagnant for more than 40 years, and promoting national investment in Medicare For All, sustainable infrastructure, public savings, Social Security, STEM educational reform for the 21st century, and career development that will give voters and all Americans better-paying, more secure jobs and hope that better days are ahead – for several decades to come ..

    We, the American People, now have an opportunity to Protect our National Security and our Representative Republic, which our Nation's Constitutional Founders agreed, unconditionally, was a significantly better form of humane government, providing voter protections for all minority groups, than the mob-rule democracy currently destroying our National Identity, our National Unity and our Global Respect – and threatening 244 years of Constitutional Republican protection for all minorities ..

    For the last five years, #USAirForce #Veteran, 40-year #Eisenhower-Lincoln #Republican, and 2020 #Independent, anti-party, Candidate for #President #BradHartliep has been correctly arguing and exposing to the American People that #RINO #Democrat and #VietnamWar #DraftDodger #DonaldTrump poses a fundamental threat to the health and security of our Nation. In the next two months, America's Silent Majority of anti-extremist Heroes and Patriots — the 48% MAJORITY of honorable men and women who refused to vote for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016 — have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn Brad's 5 years of daily warnings into a positive message that will bring new leadership into Washington and strengthen our non-partisan institutions. Starting with the restoration of the Republican-led Voting Rights Act of 1965 and legislative measures that will curb presidential abuse of power, Independents, anti-Trump Republicans and anti-Biden Democrats have a chance to #Umerica#UniteAmerica and establish themselves as a Community to be reckoned with, in sharp contrast to the Communistic Liberals and Fascist Conservatives who have intentionally destroyed all the guardrails of Human Rights and Liberty in pursuit of UnConstitutional power ..

    Elect #BradHartliep #President — and give America back to the American People — #LaunchAmericaForward for #Equality and #Justice for all ..

  3. Most of the Great Wall was never very "great". Nothing changes….those in charge of building the wall made it look formidable and large where the national leaders would see it, the vast majority of the rest of the 'wall' was piles of rock. Related: Great Pyramid was a rubble pile left from building/rebuilding Cairo. They covered the structure with an early form of concrete and made the small areas used for burial opulent…the rest of the structure is rubble. From there, the pyramids got smaller and more costly until the fad died, mostly because leaders saw the evidence…they attracted thieves, etc.

  4. Not only do they look the same, but they all also have the same name!
    Lots of wongs at work.
    The wall was a stupid idea from the start.
    Ropes and ladders, aircraft, and boats all defeat a wall that costs more than it should.

  5. Actually,
    The wall worked GREAT for China for thousands of years.
    – The great wall only fell because politicians failed to Maintain it.
    – The FAILURE was politicians.

  6. The great Wall of China protected china from Mongols invasion. protected china from outside invasion during that era. Just to be on good side of the liberal media, selling someone's name to gain fame is a shame. Your wall just broke..