Joe Biden boasted about his enduring support among African American voters during the fifth Democratic presidential debate in Atlanta on Wednesday. ‘I come out of the black community in terms of my support,’ Biden said and listed ‘the only black African-American woman who had ever been elected to the United States Senate’ as one of his endorsements, to which candidate and senator Kamala Harris threw her hands in the air, laughing: ‘Nope. That’s not true. The other one is here.’

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  1. Actually, Biden IS correct. Harris is not African American ( her father is Jamaican and mother was from India). A more accurate term Biden should ha e used is person of color. Hi decline in mental health has led him to mix words together i.e. " Blafrican".

  2. I feel sorry for this guy. Not just speech impairment, also just loss of memory. They should have tried Clinton. Democrats had so many better candidates, but the worst made it to the top! Tough luck Dems. Even Harris had to laugh!

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Democrats commit suicide as they let former President Barack Obama pick Kamala Harris the most hated Jamaican / South Asian woman in America.

  4. I am not a Biden supporter, but I have to say, in his defense about the "only African-American woman elected to the United States Senate" that he is correct because Kamala Harris is not African-American. Kamala Harris is the daughter of an Indian (from India) and a Jamaican. She is not African-American. She is Indian-Jamaican, which is totally different.

  5. Biden is an old Dinosaur but this is all we have left, so, do not become
    over confident with these polls. If you are with the grass roots
    people, there is a different poll. Biden needs to cut through the BS. I
    will not be voting for him without an African American woman on the
    ticket. I will vote down the line but I will leave off the presidential
    pick. Remember, Hillary Clinton?