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  1. Jemele Hill is calling on Separation, not Segregation. There's a difference and the black community needs the money and we have the resources in the black community. Jemele Hill called the end to the slave plantation.

  2. The fact of the matter most of our top tier athletes are black and they are attending predominantly white colleges, not making any money off of their image. Jemele is not pushing for segregation, she wants more funding into these schools. Imagine if 10 of the best high school basketball prospects attended a hbcu the nation would be in a uproar, but for what? I think the underlying meaning is more than visible and people refuse to acknowledge it.

  3. Lets really talk about this… Colleges make their money from the athletic programs which is why the highest paid state employees are college coaches. HBCU presidents was just in Trump office begging for money which Trump took the opportunity for a photo opp. If those funds generated from athletic programs was transfered to HBCU that would be a good thing I would think. Why are college coaches making 10 million a year while professors are only making $100,000?

  4. Ok since a lot of people in this comment section is borderline remedial and clearly don’t understand how capitalism works. Jemele Hill is a black conservative republican he’s already stated this and was stated in the fox interview. The whole point of telling black athletes to go to HBCU’s is to help pump money into those schools. Cause lets be honest basketball and football are the revenue making sports in college and majority of the top athletes and money makers are black athletes. Use zion williamson for example he made duke and the ncaa hundreds of millions. There was literally a game where seats were going for $1,800!! So them going to HBCU’s will help fund the schools greatly. You know?Capitalism that you guys always preach 😂.

  5. Jamelle is absolutely CORRECT!!!! Hell yes segregated yourself from toxins. Go to the HBCU and build it up. Some of the best educators, doctors, lawyers, architects, farmers, etc came from HBCUs. Think people! Wtf do you think this integration was pushed on us by one of us. (Martin Luther King). Whom was prompted by white forces. Martin, whom later realized he made a mistake and when trying to correct that mistake was murdered.

  6. I actually don't have a problem with this. People self segregate when given the option even in prison. Let people associate with whomever they want and stop calling them racists when they prefer their own race and culture over others!

  7. Greed it's nice to see the same people exist, that existed back in 1492. And these people have learned absolutely nothing. Take take take as much as we can and deny anyone else anything. You will be judged! And it will be a privilege to watch!

  8. Why is it that some white people either liberal or conservative HATE when black starts controlling their own resources and supporting each other??? They get so annoyed when we spend our money in our own community, business, and institutions. But it's no problems when other ethnic groups do the exact same thing… The Hypocrisy is amazing, but thats America

  9. Please do black folks need our own schools white folks cant survive without us we will surpass them easily 👌🏾💯 AND SEGREGATION WAS TERRIBLE for black Americans MLK was a great man but he did not see what Malcom X did…

  10. She's not calling for segregation, what she is saying is that if elite black athletes went to HBCUs, the money would follow. See many PWIs make quite a bit of many off of their athletics thanks to the black athlete, and what jumble Hill is saying is that she want to see that same opportunity happen at HBCUs

  11. Decolonization is a beautiful thing!!!!…… now if we can get those “HBCUs” to teach facts…. not those POS, Roman Empire lies….

    I didn’t go to an HBCU for either of my degrees, one of my top 3 worst mistakes!

    Away with toxic WS!

  12. 🤦🏾‍♂️I listen to these chicks talk and was disgusted, and I'm a stranger shooter. I believe in calling a spade, a spade.
    These guy clearly dont know how HBCUs was supplanted by these white school to become who they are today. Case and point LSU.
    😔 They write a law back in 1999 hamstringing Louisiana HBCUs. Forcing them to discontinue they Jr Division or they would with hold money from the Universities.. after being Strong Armed into giving up their charter mandate and advantage over these white school.. LSU won its first national championships in like 50 years and the HBCUs began to such..
    🤦🏾‍♂️But I dont expect black people like these guy to know or understand how much it hurt to be manipulated, supplanted, sabotaged and strong armed into giving up your advantage so your enemy can finally realize they self-delusional..

  13. Let me break this down for you! African Americans going to YOUR schools, making Your schools money while ours are falling. We continue to be disrespected. Killed for no reason! Desegregation was the worst thing that happened! Not because of race but because of the institution we are losing. I'm not going to keep writing. All you fools going to say I'm racist when it's y'all!!