Police have removed handcuffs shackling Jacob Blake, who is paralyzed after US police shot him repeatedly in the back, to his hospital bed and stopped monitoring him, Blake’s lawyer said Friday. African-American Blake, 29, was shot seven times in the back point blank over the weekend by a white police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin and has no movement from the waist down.

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Jacob Blake unshackled from hospital bed | Black Lives Matter | US Police | US Protest | WION WORLD

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  1. IF he was in handcuffs WHILE in the hospital, that sounds consistent with his resisting arrest and giving impression he was going into his car to get a gun, not only to risk arrest but to be a DANGER to those attempting to arrest.

  2. The blacks lm are shouting justice for jacob… Jacob's victims are the one needing justice not him. These protesters are clearly not on their mind

  3. Seven times in the back, REALLLYYY?! Cowards! So scared of a black man running away from him? Making him completely unsuited for law enforcement. Period. Police can't be that scared. Up the electrical current in that stun gun and tell a friend to get in on it as well and watch any man fall to his knees beggin for mercy, But nahhhh, why do that when you can just kill him and go home sooner to hug your puppy vs all that booking paperwork and drive time? Lol good LORD, what a bunch of cowards wearing badges these days. Disgraceful

  4. Watch the full videos. He had warrant out for his arrest, he allegedly raped a minor and beat his girl. He had already stolen a woman's keys that's why the police were called, they tazed him and had him on the ground, he resisted arrest and went to his car to get a weapon. Regardless of race yoy would definitely get shot in this situation. He's lucky to be alive.

  5. If taser didn't work then the cops have enough time to just pin him down on the ground before he gets inside his car or should have just manhandled him, but these cops just know how to attack not to restrain!, these police are pure criminals suspend them and make charges on them for going against the law.
    My wishes are with the family they will get justice.

  6. knife vs gun? So cops could not have shot just one or two bullets against a person with only a knife. This is clearly racism and police brutality. The cop fired 7 bullets at him from behind his back.

  7. So the cops pointed a gun At him and instead of raising hands as a sign of submission that man went back inside his car. If I Was a cop I would have thought that man Was reaching for his weapon and shot to disarm or tazed him

  8. This is how minority blacks are being treated in USA. And US lectures India about Muslim Rights
    While Western media publish's articles supporting Islamists in India. Hypocrites