You already know we keep 100 at The Table. With everything that’s going on in the country I invited 5 white people (that’s right) to sit down with me for an honest conversation about Wealth, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and everything in between. Think you know what everyone has to say? Watch to find out, and don’t forget to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts below!


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  2. My 4 words: "Hurts People, Dilutes Imago Dei"

    You have here a group that is not reflective of an intellectually diverse spectrum of reasonable white people (there are a lot of white people who hate BLM, even just the phrase, and yet are not racist).

  3. "When I get pulled over by a police officer, 8 out of 10 times, I get nervous." So do I and I'm a white woman!!! I'd be willing to bet that MOST people get nervous when they get pulled over by the police! This is not a unique feeling because of race.

  4. Anthony usually puts out high quality videos but this was poorly made. He chose people who all think the same and there was no distinguishment of the group BLM and the term BLM, which is important.

  5. I'm surprised everybody at The Table acknowledged BLM as a slogan but nobody mentioned the word "Organization". I think that would of brought a whole other dimension to the conversation.

  6. Through this conversation I can understand a little bit of why Black individuals are voicing their request for "equality". I never thought of race or skin color until I moved to the US back in 2010, and so I can understand (somewhat) where their coming from.

    However, I cannot reconcile that BLM stands for the same principles as discussed in this panel when I turn on the TV and see otherwise. The tactics and ways this movement has shoved itself at "no cost" on people is baffling to me. I mean, forced kneeling, destruction, and even coercion?! I'm sure I'll be labeled racist for uttering these words (as is the norm nowadays).

    Consequently, I refrain from any opinions that might not align with the BLM movement or any black individual for fear of the consequences of doing so, like losing my job, be penalized lawfully with "hate speech", to mention a few.

  7. If "you can't have a room full of white people, trying to figure out how to help black people, without a black" person present. Then can't have a room full of black people… without white people, trying to help them. Thus can be said about All cultures and ethnicities.

  8. This was so needed! These discussions need to be had. Dig deeper with the questions and reasons behind some of them. I really wanted more digging on the media answer and rioting that was mentioned. Seems like people don’t want to understand the why’s.

  9. Whether its BLM, SNIC, NAACP, black Panthers, etc. Anytime we stand up for our civil rights they kill us or call is terrorists. Stop the madness. And tbh as a black man we have our own people killing us and have to fight racism from other races including our own. Yes I know that every race usually dies from another race. But when it comes to the police we are disproportionately killed more based on being only 13%. Inspite of the fact white people do get killed more by the police. In layman terms we almost get killed the same as whites inspite of being only 13% of the population.However, when white people get killed by the police there are consequences and repercussions but when they kill us we have Breonna Taylor results. And the state of Kentucky had a black state of Attorney. It's not about more black people on leadership its about people who care about the poor just as much as the middle class just much as the rich. Plus the president called the people with tiki torches decent people. He never even mentioned Breonna Taylor once. Obama mentioned Trayvon Martin within a month.

  10. I clicked on this expecting to get people on both sides of the great but all you did was get a bunch of liberals cool agree on your same view. So obviously you're going to hear what you wanted to hear

  11. This was way to watered down and you can tell they wasn't being honest about thier feelings. The white woman was very uncomfortable and was trying to say what she felt what people wanted to here. If they had any intentions on doing what was right they have had all the time in the world to do the right thing.

  12. BLM the organization? Self-proclaimed Marxist organization with the goal of overthrowing the US government. BLM = Feminists who hate men, including black man who BLM use as pawns. I pity men involved in BLM. They are self-loathing. Escape the BLM plantation.

  13. This is exactly why I cringe so hard every time I see something like this from someone whose opinion I generally respect but appears not to be very informed on politics. I like Anthony, but a black person getting a group of random white people to agree that racism is bad and that we should focus on making it so that less black people are killed by the police is about as pointless as it gets. Not because it's not important, but because it's something that practically everyone agrees with. What would be far better is discussing the ideas of the organization known as Black Lives Matter, which I suspect Anthony would have some issues with. This might happen later, but, at this point, I might as well be watching a pannel on CNN.

  14. This was great, although I think you shouldve added people with opposing views. It wouldve been great to hear those who disagree. I’ll still be watching Part 2.

  15. Now it's an oppression Olympics. Black lives matter, now black trans lives matter, now, now blue lives matter, lgbt lives matter, women lives matter , black women lives matter. Also, BLM and the movement are very different. BLM is about black lives. The "allies" are using for the destruction of society, the creation is used for nefarious ideals that black lives aren't even about. Especially black men. It goes way further than this panel. Others say it to due to fear and lets be even more real white guilt. How is a movement created by 3 black women, with none of the men even considered, white folks are more unhinged about this than black folks themselves and the family is null in void. I'm not joking it's on their sight.