T.M. Landry College Prep, a small private school in Louisiana, boasted about its record of sending black students from working-class families to top universities. But there’s more to the story. Read our full investigation here:

This portrait of T.M. Landry emerged from interviews with 46 people: parents of former Landry students; current and former students; former teachers; and law enforcement agents.

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  1. I went to a private Catholic since Pre-K- 8th grade every month my mom had to pay 300 and we literally had apple computers (those big bulky ones) and brand new books it's really sad these students got riped off I hope there is someway they can get the help they need to catch up

  2. I dont understand why parents will send their kid in that dumpster. I mean yes their kid could go to a prestigious school but they will learn nothing. Would they rather have that?

  3. For those who don't know they got a 100% success by falsifying records and saying kids had 4.0s. And lets face it if youre black with a 4.0 you can go to literally any college. The kids were literally grades behind average because surprise they were teaching themselves so when they got into college nearly all failed/droped out. So not only did they swindle the parents, cheated another potential college goer, but also duped and abused the kid who is now in debt and cant graduate. The msm and the internet cheered these kids on when they were doomed from the start. They are now being investigated by the FBI so the kids will likely have their acceptances revoked. But what did you expect from a Principal who dresses like a Sunday Dandy.

  4. How anybody fall for this crap.
    It’s too good to be true.
    100% college acceptance rate?
    Look at their school with various school flags hanging?
    Michael and Tracey behave and act like your typical con. They act good of heart but then screw you over. Those people were likely desperate.
    Preying on the vulnerable…

  5. Everyone act shocked but there are so many stupid people in America thinking of a new way to teach there kids. 
    My step aunt teaches her kids at home, but only when they want and only via youtube.
    She has 0 Qualification and a highschool degree. When I confronted her about it. 
    Telling her specially kids need to go to school for brain development and getting schooled early on how to actually "learn".
    She snapped and got mad at me. Saying I have no Idea on how to raise kids because I don't have any.

    I mean she really screamed and ignored me for the rest of the day.
    Her daughter wants to become and Astronaut … poor thing