If you want to know how to write advanced chord progressions, you gotta know how to modulate. This tutorial will show you how.

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  1. How do you choose the pivot chord? Just a random chord that's in both scales? And once it's chosen you can go to any scale that has that chord? Thanks to anyone who answers!

  2. Could you analyze butterflies by Michael Jackson? A nice neo soul song but sheets say its ab major which I don't think it is. I don't know much about music theory but from the sheets it seems a modulation from ab major 1,4 to emaj 1,4

  3. A tutorial for all these chords and the theory behind it and where and when to use them and why do they create a soul environment and what is the difference between blues and soul, can the same chords be used to create a blues music?

  4. Jeff, PLEASE READ…I'm looking at ways to change keys in the smoothest possible way. For instance I understand all of the basic info on modulations (dominant motion, pivot chords, common tone, modal interchange, etc). But I don't even know if the concept I'm thinking of exist. Lately I've been trying to change from D to C (or any whole step down) which is fairly uncommon and then ultimately to be able to move between any key. I want to move into C from D w/o anyone "feeling" it or being surprised by it. I've tried common tone moments (melody ends on note D) and tried to introduce less sharps with each chord to mask the move. It always seems I come back to some sort of "walk up/down" or dominant motion needing to be introduced. I feel like there is a way to do this through common tone movements and modal interchange but I just keep standing back and thinking it doesn't sound like what I want. Any ideas or possible video idea?