How to Support the African American Community? Eat at Black Owned Restaurants Black Lives Matter.

Black Owned Restaurants

Welcome to the New Normal Way of LIfe! This channel is about living in the new normal, I’ll talk about work life, stimulus checks, fitness trends, new eating habits, new social habits, how to live in these wild times!

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Merman Adrian – illegal deadbeat merman Adrian is on the run from the ICE, his 2 baby mommas and letting the world know about his adventures.

Peabody – Killing for the throne of King of Horror. Horror Human Puppet, crime lord, and Ex host of his own children show.

Heist – Ski-mask for Robbing and Stealing. Art thief, robbing houses, stealing cash. Looking for the last big score.

Alt. Fitness Adrian / Beast Mode – Fitness Workouts, Steroids and getting your pump on. Alt.Fitness workouts from the wilderness to the home. Athlete Adrian doing sports, races, brazilian jiu jitsu, weapon.

Big Wheel Adrian – Drift Trike Stuntman – Urban Stuntman Adrian is riding a little kid’s big wheel tricycle where ever he can find a wild downhill ride or long stretches on the streets of Los angeles. Lombard street – check, Eldred Street – check, LA sewer drain – check… and more.

Cocaine- My ex left a closet filled with cocaine. Now I have to learn how to be a cocaine drug dealer. From muling to selling it. Looking for interns!

Steven Beacon- Idiot, Spazz, Savant, Nerd non movie reviews and the life of Steven Beacon with stand up comedy.

Spaceman Adrian- The Future is Coming! Spacestar has come from the 6th Dimension of a parallel universe coming to warn about the fight against the future.

Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Drill- How prepared will you be when The Zombie Apocalypse happens. The best survival tip is being prepared. Having emergency drills throughout Los Angeles; what weapons are available, is it safe, do I get out or stay and more.

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Adrian Quihuis comedic innovator and life artist

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