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Chakalaka With Krummel Pap is a scrumptious vegetable preparation served with pap. This is a wholesome and tasty meal.

400 gm Baked Beans
1 Onion
50 ml Vegetable Stock
2 Carrots
1 Large Tomato
1 Green Bell Pepper
2 tbsp Pirito Piri Sauce
2 Bird’s Eye Chillies
1 tsp Vinegar
As Needed Oil
Krummel Pap


In a pan warm oil, add chopped onions and sauté.

Add baked beans, stock, and grated carrots, diced tomatoes, diced green bell pepper and sauté.

Add piri-piri sauce, finely chopped bird’s eye chilies, vinegar and cook all the ingredients.

Serve Chakalaka with Krummel Pap.

Chakalaka is ready to be served.

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