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Hey Guys,

a lot of you guys asked me if I could explain how I achieve my neo-soul/r&b guitar sound. So in this tutorial I accurately explain everything you need to know to receive that sound which I am using in my guitar lessons. I hope yo enjoy the tutorial and stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Eugene, I followed you step by step and also got the vst for the guitar, however, is really sounding as garbage, it is not even close at the sound you are getting I installed the version 2 of bias amp.
    Do you have any tip?

  2. is here a way to accomplish this sound with out a program (i seen other ppl do it like melanie fay and miguel burney and im going to learn how to play but i want my gutiar to sound like that tone when im learning)
    also what guitar are u using?

  3. So sorrry to bother you! I am such a noob noob noob. How does one connect their electric guitar to a computer? Is there like a sound device that I need to buy that does this?