In part two, author Richard Rothstein says explicit unconstitutional housing policy of the 20th century created America’s enormous racial wealth gap

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  1. the people who don t see the problems that wealth was kept from blacks which was created by us gov, are probable descendents from the people who created this wealth problems, which was kept from blacks.

  2. People who have been calling for slavery reparations need to demand reparations for this housing policy, because now we're talking about money that was taken away from black people in my grandparents generation, some of whom are still alive, all of whom have descendants that could have had wealth passed down to them without the Levittown of the world shutting blacks out.

  3. Subsidizing whites to postwar housing….from urban/rural to suburban. Anyone know the % of 'white' population compared to black population post war?

  4. I read The Color of Law. It is interesting that many people dismiss this information as bs without digging any deeper. Many people have their world view and they will not change it no matter what new information comes to light.
    Whites benefitted from the largess of the government through various entitlement programs that were designed to help them. This is not conjecture, it is fact.
    Politicians that promise to again make the American dream available to those who live in the ," heart land," are lying. The conditions that made it possible for many middle class white Americans to own homes and acquire wealth will not exist ever again. The 1% will change laws to continue acquiring wealth but the man on the street will continue to suffer.
    Politicians will continue to fan the flames of hatred and encourage their followers to fight each other in the streets while they stuff their pockets.

  5. If any of you get a chance check out the YouTube channel "ToneTalk". The host of the channel is named Antonio Moore out of L.A. who is a practicing attorney, but has done some research on racial income/wealth inequality as well as talked to a few knowledgeable academics on the subject matter. Its some good information and I highly recommend it for those interested in racial income/wealth inequality.

  6. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! It's amazing how some white people and especially young white people totally cast judgement on why is it that some black people live in improvised area, i.e. "inner cities." I'm saving this video.

  7. Most people don't understand that Government policy is how their families gained wealth.
    Propaganda fills their everyday life. These programs are deleting from family history and all over social media and mainstream media.
    The American dream is a myth only if the government makes it a reality.