Since the 2016 election, Black gun ownership has risen in America. With racial tensions being stoked by Donald Trump, more African-Americans are exercising their second amendment rights and exploring every option when it comes to legal firearms. Complex’s Pierce Simpson spoke with prominent figures in the African-American community about the effects of gun ownership and the checkered history America has had with Black gun ownership.

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  1. Look up who wants to take away your gun rights? Very important during this dangerous time. At the end of the day government or cops will not save you.

  2. No matter what political party… government will not save you. If you look up who wants to take away your guns? Biden and Harris will take your guns away. Facts..

  3. That clip they showed of “white militia” was of people in Richmond protesting commi northom and the “white supremacy” is ANTIFA they should be attacking them and threatening them not people who want nothing but peace

  4. 🔊PSA🚨: To all of the real Heterosexual Black Men & Black Women in the comment section. I implore🙏🏾 y’all to please go & read thoroughly & please do not skim thru the, “Leaked” Breonna Taylor Report. It finally puts all of this to rest & answer’s all of y’all’s question’s & put’s everything to final closure. Again, Real Black People with critical thinking, comprehension & rationale skills. #enlightenment🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♀️💡🤔 #themoreyallniggasknow🌈✨💁🏾‍♂️

  5. 18:41 in response to the answer to the question about should blacks go buy guns in response to the rising ant-black racism I disagree with rymefest . It’s not asking for trouble, the threat is there whether or not he wants to acknowledge it or not. There is no talking to or negotiating with those who have a “kkk /white supremacy “ mindset they hate black people and are acting on that hate, we don’t have to always try to understand what motivates others to want to harm us. We first have a responsibility and a “God” given right to defend ourselves, unapologetically.
    Buy guns, protect your self and your family

  6. If they meaning white men are arming themselves at a very high rate you would be the biggest idiot not to arm yourself as we speak ammunition shortage so move faster I suggest and felons may need to brake the law for survival

  7. ok, so why is it ok in his eyes for a group of black people to express their 2nd ammendment right, but he doesn't like it when a group of white people do it? Does he not understand it's not about race but people trying to protect their businesses (not just white people btw)

  8. Grandmaster Jae is a racist and he is preaching to abduct children and mayors that is Ludacris if he's wanting a black movement that's great and wonderful but why not be peaceful and not fight the white people but fight the government at the end of the day it's going to be a civil war and the government's going to sit back and get what they were looking for God help us all

  9. True or correct?…However it's a complex situation they have the right to bear arms but the slave patrol overseers we police officers will hunt Black People and use the excuse of they might use the gun on them so the police do what they've been doing to justify their inhumane actions. The reality of life is if people are taught to be true humans no weapons are actually necessary.

  10. Lawful black citizens should be armed like every other citizen. Don’t believe the Fake News Industrial Complex narrative. Access to weapons is equal to everyone. This is plantation lies.