Throughout filming I received threats of legal action by racists who don’t want to be exposed and want to see this video removed. I would greatly appreciate any donations to our legal defense fund:

White Pride Billboard GPS coordinates:

Thank you to Nic and everyone else who came out to support me with gatorade and positive words
Video consulting by John Stessel

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  1. Black Seeing This 🤬 No White Matter Only Blacklives Matter And Brown Skin Matter Because black often have Melanin From sun And It Gets Brown im Brown

  2. I guess the point of the vid is you where not attacked, no injuries and you walked away with your life. Now go Chicago… or better yet a place where Antifa are present with a white lives matter sign or Trump 2020, as this doesn't work without showing the reaction from the opposite side. I can bet that you will be in a coma or the morgue within the hour

  3. Yea some were racist, but most of em were just disagreeing with BLM as a whole. My favorite one was “You need Jesus” cause couldn’t be any further from the truth

  4. BLM is an organisation that is lost and they don't actually support or fight for black people… people being arrested by police resist arrest and fight and have a weapon pose a threat to the police officers life.. what do you think he'll do? Sheep

  5. Man, why don't you see what happens to white people in africa… But no, no just white people can be racist not black. Also try holding all lives matter sign around blacks and see who is racist for real.

  6. I see it's mostly old or middle ages or whatever people that were being racist but there were some younger people and I was like okay the older people can be racist or whatever but teaching your kids that. That's bad parenting at its finest. 🤷🏽

  7. The person that came up and gave the napkin because they were scared, I have respect for them. They still support what is right in a town full of racists.