President and CEO of Moet Hennessy North America, Seth Kaufman, discusses how his company is giving back to small businesses.

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  1. Thats like Trojan Condoms donating for people , stop advertising demon juice , get out of satan system and you basically paying people to live for lucifer , all acohol need to go out of business , liquor , beer , wine , but should all know America god is satan literally just study the all seeing eye pyramid of lucifer on the back of the dollar bill those are not decorations ⏳

  2. This's a fuckin joke , really $3 mills? And they got the nerves to make it a news on an a national tv? Plus, Asians don't even drink Hennessy. They drink bubble tea.

  3. Wishing my business was already off of the ground. I could use some of these extra resources. Not easy trying to get a small business off of the ground with little to no income. I got this though 💪

  4. So you saying I wasn't just buying Hennessy, I had a savings funds? Hennessy better then a bank. Imma need that back. I kept Hennessy stocks high for the last 10 yrs easy.

  5. don't be negative ……..
    .. can't help it these donations hardly ever reach the right ppl they get back huge tax cuts an will probably make back that money in my country which is not in the us come the next bank holiday they have a hand in all events here an the cost is up to 4 times the us price .

  6. It should go to those with businesses burnt to the ground. Pretty sure if you are white your shell of a building has the same effect on you but anyway , it sends a subtle message don't have a business in a neighborhood that might burn it to the ground if you are white. A segregation idea.

  7. Selling booze in the minority communities is a big help? Is booze an approved treatment for minorities infected with covid-19? Now I know why liquor stores are an essential business.

  8. C'MON GUYS!!!!

    ABC needs more diversity. Time to replace white anchors with more deserving Black Americans. No point talking about diversity if y'all are not willing to lead by example. Current Black employees of ABC should also receive a large pay increase as part of reparations. It's not right that white people own ABC and profit from minorities without some kickback. What do y'all think?