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  1. im a normal 8th grade student, and want to be a cardiothoraic surgeon. and i wantto study in harvard so badly! please help me with how to get in becoz im from another country india and idk more abt the procedure

  2. This is very random but…
    Okay can anyone tell me whether testosterone is present in females or not because it's kinda important and I don't wanna rely only on google.

  3. Let's remember harvard has been know to never give students less than B because they feel if the students made it to that school then the deserve no less

  4. I’m just 16and my biggest wish is receiving the acceptance of here, it's kind of impossible for me but I would do anything for it.✨

  5. Im 13. Im a straight A student. I would love to become a pediatric neurosurgeon. Go to Harvard Medical School and work at Mayo Clinic. I am aware you need to be involved in clubs that demonstrate some kind of leadership. Im always involved in my clubs but never get picked as a president or vice precident etc because I am not very popular. Correction. Not popular at all. And that stops me from getting elected as a leader in my school. What should I do?