Ready for a new ‘do in 2020? If you’ve been feeling “meh” about your hair lately, a brand new decade is the perfect time to change up your look. From curls, to shags, to, oh my God, the Rachel, we tapped the experts to reveal the hottest hairstyle trends for 2020.

It looks like a good bob never goes out of style. The iconic hairstyle gained popularity back in the ’60s, and it shows no signs of stopping.

In fact, 2020 is going to be the biggest year yet for the classic look. Natalie James, CEO and owner of Vent Blow Dry Bar, says,

“All different styles of bobs are coming back, and in a big way. Bobs are great and easy to manage, wash and go.”

While a bob is a sure bet for the new year, it’s not something you just wanna dive right into, especially if you’re starting with long hair. For a no-regrets approach, James says,

“We recommend a slow transition…starting with a longer style bob first.”

Keep watching to find out which Haircuts You’ll Be Asking For In 2020!

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The bob is back | 0:14
The modern shag | 0:57
The Rachel | 1:34
Itty bitty baby bangs | 2:41
Long bangs | 3:16
Farrah-style layers | 3:59
Straight down the middle | 4:51
The pixie | 5:32
Slicked-back wet look | 6:08
Natural-born cut | 6:55
Braids, cornrows, and Bantu knots | 7:40
Blunt cuts | 8:37
Extensions for 2020 and beyond | 9:16

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  1. Haircuts you will be asking for in 2020? How the hell is that going to happen with all the freakin salons and barber shops closed?!
    I think the 2020 look is grown out color, ratty ends and DIY hair. God! I love irony..

  2. 2020s
    Is trends like
    Taylor Swift – reputaion hair era trends
    Dua lipa – don't start now video
    Bella hadid cover ariana – ponytail
    Selena – bob layer curly
    Ruby rose – pixie blonde
    Nicki, cardi b, kim kardashian and azealia – long life hair straight

  3. Loving the natural thing. I've got natural waves so that'll be easy. I just don't get the chopping it off and adding extensions?? WTH?? About a year ago I wanted to go back to the Rachel cut and the hair dresser basically laughed me right out of the salon with, " You want a 20 year old hair style? Why?? I said thank you and goodbye quickly… So much for everything's in!

  4. Everyone keeps talking about the baby bangs, but why ain't nobody talking about the shaggy hair style ?! Shaggy itself is a damn awful word 🤪
    I have one (unwanted), this is a nightmare.

  5. Chopping off our hair; Of course so we can then buy extensions to switch it up every now and then. 🤷‍♀️ 🙄 The cycle of life is funny to me. But I get it at the same time who doesn’t want to switch things up. But still though. Lol $$$ cycle.