A successful hair transplant for African American patients requires an experienced clinic. The procedure can be challenging unless the staff knows how to harvest and transplant curly hair. Inexperience with African American hair can result in follicle destruction during harvesting. At PAI we have specialized in hair restoration in the Nashville area for over 25 years. Patients of all hair types can trust our facility to do an outstanding job. Do you have questions about hair transplants? Call 800.496.7225 or visit
[Nashville, TN]

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  1. I wish she would not straighten/perm her hair, as she would have better length retention , but they did lower her hairline, which was good. She may opt to go in and thicken it up/add more density. I’m exploring that option right now.

  2. Oh wow! I don’t do any elective medical procedures bc they never work for black people. So I’m shocked and happy to know y’alls lasers and procedures work for us.

  3. I have extremely different hair textures in my head, i have at the bottom 3a type of curls, one side is like 3b, the other side is like 4a, at the top is like 4b, at the front, the hairline is 3c and 4a, yes it is a mess and extremely unequal, i've seen some many videos of girls with multi-texture curls but at least they look uniform, that's not my case, so i was wondering maybe i could take from my own 3c curls patterns and make a transplant in the areas with 4a patterns, is that even possible? i know i will always have all those textures but maybe with a transplant i can dissimulate the mess.