I’ve been using my ONION JUICE RECIPE for the whole year (2017) and recorded my hairs progress each month.

– Onion Essential Oil also provides the same benefits. Onion essential oil is potent so make sure you mix it with a carrier oil. Black Castor Oil is a great option.
– To mask an onion smell, add essential oils to your shampoo to wash it out. Also, add an essential oil to whatever oil and/or cream you use to style your hair.
– Make sure to keep your eyes closed while washing out the onion juice recipe so the pepper does not get into your eyes.
– The cayenne pepper also does a great job at opening your pores on your face. So, this is a great time to use a really good facial moisturizer on your face b/c it will penetrate really well.
– Its safe to use this Onion Juice recipe on the same day you use a Clay Cleanser, REAL Protein Treatment, Herbal Hot Oil Treatment, Rice Water Rinse and ACV Rinse

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  1. Honestly, best review I've seen so far regarding DIY beauty products, and I'm not exaggerating. You seem completely honest, the video is extremely well-detailed, you do not try to "sell" rather than thoroughly inform us. Thank you very much for this gift, you are awesome and much appreciated!

  2. I love you videos. I was opposed to putting onion juice in my hair but my hair is seriously thinning and breaking. Probably due to lack of protein. Thank you for the information. I am looking forward to the results

  3. New Subbie here! Love your content, it is so well researched and presented. You the real MVP. 👏🏾💖 I just want to share that adding pepper turned out to be a memorable experience that I’ll never forget. When making this potion, I overlooked that my pepper is real African cayenne pepper as I grabbed a heaping teaspoon. So on this my first attempt of making a raw onion wash (no boiling just blended with aloe vera meat, drops of tea tree and 2 garlics slices), I had the most extreme thermogenic reaction I’ve ever had in my life. 👀 🤯 I felt like this emoji 🔥 for real for real. As in every single follicle must be woke now and my hair better grow like a chia pet or I’m done 😏 I rinsed it out and I’m going to apply some parsley juice to see if we can further this “rebuild” process for my crown issues. The rest of that hellacious concoction is going in the freezer to be mixed in gradually with other batches. I was following a method from someone else that incorporates aloe vera, but definitely will try your method one day as I suspect the boiling process is very helpful at taming the sting. #4ckinkyqueen

  4. Why am I just finding this channel? Never recommended to me, if it wasn't for a comment on another video I would not know her.
    Am starting this for the next 12 months

  5. I washed my hair today 30thmay I am goin to wash my hair on 12th june I will put this onion juice on that day before I wash my hair then shampoo and condition I will use this until the end of the year, will come back and show results thanks for sharing

  6. Well i didn't wanna do this because of the odor but seeing these results, I'm trying this every time i wash my hair, so it doesn't smell like onion jajajaja, I'm wearing braids throughout the lock down and i want my hair to be strong, longer, softer and amazingly beautiful to the next year 😍

  7. Is onion the only ingredient u use? U haven't mentioned all the ingredients bcos I see garlic and some powder stuff. Can u please mention all the ingredients. Ur hair looks great 😍👍