Gravitas: United States | Politics erupts over the death of an African American

Politics is intensifying after the death of an African American in the United States triggered violent protests. WION’a Palki Sharma tells you how the opposition is blaming US President Donald Trump for the escalating tensions.

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  1. The radical left and the democrats are pouring gasoline on this fire and paying protestors to cause destruction. This is all a ploy by the left so that trump doesn’t get re-elected. Most Americans see the truth of it though

  2. Remember, just before the riots some very serious allegations came out in COURT PROVING that the previous administration was involved in high level fraud. Are the riots an attempt to push that under the rug, to hide attention from that? Dont take your eyes off the Floyd story.

  3. I wish you would get your facts right. CNN and MSNBC are full of lies and brain washing your country. Please look at what is really going on and don’t jump on this evil ban wagon.

  4. This channel is the best news channel and palki is a true reporter. She only shows the unbiased truth. She takes no ones side and kicks ass of all the wrong people. Weather its trump, Obama, joe or China communist party 🇨🇳. Salute to such a brave reporter 🙏🙏🙏👌👌👍👍♥️

  5. We need fair laws..n for rasium to one will halp us get the laws passed to fix things so ita fair..if they dont want us here in america will they at least give stimulus money so we can get back home..n not have to go thru this is been 400 years n it still feel like slavery..they r even hurting other races and they own whites..this is evil.y wont somone stand uo to them? They want us all died..but GOD want us to live..can you guys oray for us n that not witchcraft or jezzebell spirits linger in the earth..we tired GOD tired..we love the most but get misteeated n use uo so not right..

  6. This is not the first time an act of killing African American happened in the US…it have been since ever and racism was developed when the African community was in Boston in the early years…now this incident happened unfortunately was recorded by somebody in the wrong time…many acts like this have been happening during the history of US and nothing have changed so far…

  7. Why do people always have a ray of hope in supposed promising politicians? They're all in it for power and money or whatever no good for society, nothing else. Never had any faith in bollocticians, and never will!

  8. Unarmed Africans killed by police in 2019: 10

    Unarmed Whites killed by police in 2019: 20
    Don't believe me just go to Washington Post and see for yourself.
    Stop letting the media manipulate you – this is a very important moment where you need to free yourself from the CNN chains and leave the DEMOCRAT PLANTATION

  9. I have been sick, but I am better now..and what did I JUST find out ??? About George Floyd's death…I am very shocked to have to find out about this…that poor man..he should not have had that violence done to him… this is way too sad of a thing to happen….

  10. im sorry but trump told the truth when the looting starts the shooting starts david dawn died trying to help his friend save his store killed by a rioter , for you racist who think the white man had it coming david was a black man killed by a black man

  11. In general, Americans can be categorized as either Racist or Anarchist.
    It's nice to have both these qualities of Americans on full public display. It serves to keep American hypocrisy in check, at least for a while.

  12. When Asian get Harassed in USA it's like no one speaks. But when Black die it becomes"Black Life Matters". For some people it must be "Liberal Line" but to me "this narrative itself racial". Life of Everyone matters not only of one particular race.

  13. I believe racism starts right there when you break downs a person identity. Like all over the world media says African American George Floyd. He was simply an American…why people use African for him. Same way no one use European American or Asian American etc etc.
    Whole world epicenter of MSM is either black or Muslims!

  14. Bravo Nixon ,Kissinger,Bush you created a monster china and let it loose on world and you dont even take responsibility.
    in a time when democratic countries around the world needs a leader this is happening in America and communist countries like china and russia are filling the powet vacuum you created
    When America is needed it shirks all responsibility but it will always be there when there are profits to gain.

  15. This is my new favorite channel for real unbiased American news.

    I love how you gave both Trump and Obama hell for this racism issue in America.

    You are way better than FOX and CNN.