Governor Pritzker joined African American elected leaders for a Day of Action in Calumet City.

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  1. Maybe he owns a gas station the sells only to rioters & looters. Businesses move away from those areas for a reason,repeated robberies,junkies,gang violence all perpetrated by local residents.

  2. The states will become asap one big prison with walls to Mexico ( under construction jet) and Canada. So there's a need for thousends of anonymous armed prison guards everywhere. You understand? So if you're a white supremacist or a bootlicker from Trump and you can bring at least one assault rifle with you, apply to the White House now

  3. I hate how they say black lives matter only what about all lives matter, theirs racism among themselves, their also racist against Latinos and whites why can’t they tell the public that they’re also racist.

  4. Yes yes about love respect not hate black lives always matter racism is a dumb thing to do people who don't care about the people who don't love about racism will that's a damn sure