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Godfrey opened up to VladTV about the timing and presentation of jokes, including white comedians doing jokes about slavery. Godfrey explained that he believes that jokes are all about the way they’re presented, and he used Louis C.K.’s joke about the n-word as an example of a joke being done the right way. To hear more, including Godfrey doing KKK jokes in his set, hit the above clip.

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  1. Vlad, research this…. u are not a jew. U are jew”ish”, like childish or bluish. “Ish” is suffix meaning “pertaining to” or “like”. U admit to being ashkeNAZI… get it? How could your grandparents be killed by your own people. Your whole history is a lie. Please stop saying u are a jew, u are not tribe of Judah.

  2. White audiences are sensitive? 🤣
    How come Eddie, Chris Rock, Chapelle etc etc etc have such a massive white fan base when half their jokes are beating up on us then??…….

  3. Godfrey gives the Benny when it’s convenient.

    Also louis’ first language wasn’t Spanish. I’ve heard him speak. You can lose it a little but the accent isn’t there at all.

  4. Soo white dude can do a black joke if its well crafted, unlike his sidespliting Chinese routine.
    I was diggin this clip, Till the classic racist Chinese voice and that bullshit about restaurants serving rat. That is the stupidest stereotype. It isn't cost efficient, the amount of time it would take to debone a rat just for a half of a serving portion doesn't make sense.

  5. Even here in south Africa we are always doing this useless dancing, singing and marching in the street in scorching heat or heavy rainfall, and we get rubber bullets and no results, this marching, dancing and singing never worked for anybody, it just leads to results from pity

  6. I disagree with my man Godfrey on Louis's N-word joke, shit was not funny and I wasn't surprised with his fall from grace. He probably thought he could get away with jacking off in front of his employees because he was allowed to scream the N-WORD on stage all over the country. Fcking douchebag.

  7. Dude is just straight up hating on Asian people. I guess it’s true that blacks don’t like Asians. But it’s ok cuz blacks can’t be racist. It’s impossible.🐃💩

  8. LOL it is Boy George Carlin didn't want to tell his mom when he was growing up that the reason why you hung out with the Latinos in the black until the female is much better yeah boy