Global Capitalism: Live Economic Update – July 2020
As US Capitalism Shakes, US Socialism Renews

Topics: mass unemployment undercuts US capitalism: tenants can’t pay rents, landlords can’t repay banks, employers close permanently; Trump vs Biden: neither are solutions, the choice is a symptom of system decline; what old socialist responses to today’s crisis would be; what new socialist solutions to today’s crisis could be.

In addition to Wolff’s discussion of the main topics above, he will also cover the following issues at the July 8, 2020, event: why US capitalism has needed racism, and and how it has used it; why US current protests against racism and police violence are so strong.

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Laurence Shute; Humberto Najera and Matthew Kleu.

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  1. In this Mayflower 400th anniversary year lets not forget Indigenous stolen lands and near genocide even before stolen bodies came to their homelands the settler colonists crashed their capitalistic system on the Native Lands here

  2. Do you think that that the reason Trump is pushing for a war against China is that he sees the imminent collapse of the American economy and knows that the only possible way to avoid it would be to start a major war? There is a long history of politicians saving their career by start a war.

  3. This is fantastic. I've only just discovered you today but I can tell you come from a place of compassion and knowledge, which should be cornerstones of our species' global society, instead of basically just greed and ignorance.

  4. the world is a socialistic nightmare that have been enabled by the US to hold the global reserve currency.

    US have been socialistic for a long time, now its turning communistic.

    Today republicans are socialists and Democrats are communists.

    If you dont understand why or thinks what im saying is insane then you havent read enough literature on the topics.

    Read about capitalistic economics, socialistic and communistic, from the origins of those that created them, not from a biased communist like Wolff

  5. US socialism? Lol – you mean their twisted version of socialism? ie Obamacare forcing people to buy “health insurance products” as long as they keep trying to work with the middle man (insurance companies) then you’ll never have a properly functioning single payers universal health care system. And they’ll blame socialism for its failure – lol

  6. It's not an accident that capitalism regularly collapses and millions of people suffer: IT WAS PLANNED THAT WAY. After a recession people go to work; usually at jobs that pay less than the one they lost in the recession. They work several years and buy houses that are mortgages and cars with loans from lending institutions. After a few years of building up assets the capitalist economy goes into recession and they lose their jobs. The banks and lending institutions then proceed to take everything away from the people and it winds up in the hands of the ultra rich who always make a killing from selling the assets that are stolen from the people. Once they have taken all the assets they can they restart the process again and again and again.

  7. It seems a hundred and nineteen millionaire corporate capitalist don't like this video. Apparently exploiting the labor of others for the enrichment of self by impoverishing others can be as addictive as crack cocaine.