A week after George Floyd died at the hands of the police in Minneapolis, protests across the US are still going strong. But at the very scene where he died, members of the African-American community on Monday peacefully gathered to pay their tributes, and to be reminded of their constant struggle against systematic racism. FRANCE 24’s Kethevane Gorjestani reports.

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  1. Sorry, grew up around them and their struggles are caused by them. I was a south sider in Chicago and we ran to get away from the crime and hate the forever victims can spew.

  2. The minor, infrequent and short-lived discomfort and subsequent dismissiveness of the awareness of racism that white people might feel, during their entire lives, pales in comparison to the constant, brutal effects of it on non-white cultures in America. It is this dismissive response that turns those people into perpetrators by not speaking out against it.
    White people must lead the charge to successfully eradicate racism in this country.

  3. blacks are stereotyped the way they are for a reason. look at their communities. look how they live. look how they act. look at their anger towards everyone but themselves. no wonder police and other races look at them with judgement. take responsibility for yourselves and change your image with the world.Stop blaming others..And if you dont agree with me you are part of the problem.

  4. So for those who fight because they did wrong and God power to the victory driven from their homes unjustly only because they believe in God and not God, people pay each other for the silos were demolished and the sale and prayers and mosques mention the name of God often Inasrn God and that God Inzareth forces Aziz who if We establish them in the land Establish the prayer and pay the Zakat and command the favor and forbid the one who denies it, and God is the end of things

  5. Is everyone completely nuts? Don't you know there is only one race, the human race? Skin, eye, and hair color comes from melanin production in the body… if people live in hot sunny climates the human body eventually produces more melanin which makes darker skin, eyes and hair to protect people from sunburn and things like cancer. The Authorized King James Bible has the solution to racism, but most people don't want to know what creator God has to say about his creation and his perfect will because they love sin more than righteousness.

  6. Remember people the Democrat Party is keeping you underneath their feet you got to look at the big cities of the crimes and drugs and violence and killing it's the same color on same color violence no family value no fathers and mothers coming together and raising children to go after goals in they're life Democrat type people and Democrat teachers from teaching children to be a victim you got to start at the top the Democrat Party for their hatred and crimes of teaching people to hate one another they want you guys to not advanced in your own way of having a better life they want you to rely on them like a slave

  7. This is the result of the Democrat Party trying to divide everybody trying to destroy our country and destroy our jobs and give up all rights and futures the Democrat Party has done a good job of destroying people's lives and getting people to hate color against color with CNN The View show and night talk shows of today spreading racism and hatred should be a crime that the Democrats are doing to our country a lot of these people are not educated and don't want a better life they choose their life to be the way it is and blame others for their own problems using people's death is a crime to go out and Destroy people's lives all colors have rights not just black lives matter black lives matter is a racist Style to keep black people underneath the Democrats feet

  8. Black ppl are more racist but that's ok for them. I no longer believe in globalisation, I don't think it will ever work and not because of white ppl but because of blacks who learned to accuse you of racism whenever suit them. I would like they to stay in their own country and not comming to Europe because they won t like it here, by the look of it.

  9. How come white police officer can forcibly stop the breath of poor chap George floyd

    Let those police personnel responsible be treated in a same manner and punished very severely


  10. And this is America….!In past many ppl were spreading false news about Islam. In our nobody raised voices, in burma, kashmir, lebnon, syria, palestine. Come ppl wakeup get your rights…

  11. Although there have been some terrible injustices to African-Americans by the police, over all things are improving if they can stop committing crimes.

  12. I am so tired of this script to keep the TRUE PEOPLE of tgis EARTH blind to WHO and WHOSE THEY TRUELY are and it is DEFFINENTLY not a made up musnomer as such the african american when you know as well as i and many others know this is a by word a misnomer of WHO the so called african american TRUELY are and that is the PEOPLE that occupied this land of the North AMERUKAH THE ORIGINAL INDIANS of the PROMISED LANDS. Tell TRUTH or FACE the CREATOR and recieve your just REWARD for LYING to THE PEOPLE of the EARTH. STOP tge misnomers and TELL THE TRUTH about the COLONIZERS who they were and who are their DESCENDANTS and WHO and WHOSE the PEOPLE they found are when thet set a foot upon THESE LANDS YOU so freely call HOME

  13. This has nothing to with racism-its about the doctrine of "qualified immunity" that SCOTUS created in 1982 that makes it almost impossible to convict cops for what they do on the job. But in this case they'll be very creative and throw out the law because it's obvious this guy has to be convicted.

  14. "Demonstrators are carrying printed instructions, the fake demonstrators, the ones with paintball or SWAT gear, the Proud Boys, the DeVos-Prince paid “anti-lockdown” types and the White Supremacists.

    Behind them, US Army Intelligence School team leaders and Steve Bannon’s “Gladiator School” teams, drenched in MAGA/MEGA money from the Kosher Nostra. White Supremacists, Proud Boys, Police, All Paid Fake Demonstrators Exposed!" ~U.S Senior Military Intelligence Specialist Gordon Duff

  15. "Who are “they,” the players in this street theatre?

    ●US Army Special Forces/Army Intelligence

    ●Intelligence contractors such as Black Cube and groups tied to DeVos-Prince, the “royalty” of the mercenary community

    ●Undercover police and representatives of the FBI Washington Field Office

    ●Political operatives funded by conservative Washington think tanks

    The science of recruiting “flash mobs” using social media and directing urban warfare is a specialty for the US Army. In fact, this is how the United States prefers fighting wars nowadays, rioters, terrorists, targeted killings and black propaganda." ~U.S Senior Military Intelligence Specialist Gordon Duff

  16. You will allow this to happen for the next 100 years as you people's don't unite an fight back and hope some white Biden will help you. Tage the fight to Washington DC and if no change burn down whole America

  17. Now the thing I would argue is that race isn't even real
    It's something that we create in order to determine how the polest of people will live together on this land it's a political construct
    What's real is ethnicity, what's real is the people groups who move through time, in space and land and are shaped by their experiences together.
    And scripture tells us clearly if you are human then you are created in the image of God therefore called by God to help steward the world.

  18. France 24, je vais vous dire un secret. Je suis né en Amérique dans un état du New England. Ce que vous voyez présentement est l'oeuvre du deep state against D.J.Trump. Look at Gyorgy Schwartz Soros pour comprendre les évènements.Ce est pas un race war.Deep state a perdu la bataill du cov id….
    et Trump devra utilisé l'armé pour résoudre le probleme.
    Antifa est payé par le open society foundation de Soros autant que black lives matter.