Kasie Hunt, Joshua Johnson, Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Former Sen. John E. Sununu (R-N.H.) join the Meet the Press round table to talk about the jockeying for position among Democratic presidential candidates.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: Democrats Compete For African American Voters | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  1. Until Democrats are talking about reparations for DOS they can kiss the black vote good bye…Ask Kamala, Cory, & Hillary….Bloomberg can forget it & Liz doesn't have a chance. Trump is the only one speaking directly to black people and the left hasn't caught on yet.

  2. 12 million dollars?? 300 million dollars??? What important world improving changes are these ppl using all this money for? Parties? Stupid lying circus dog shows?? Ppl are dying idiots….makes me sick at the waste of 💰. And THIS aint republicans ppl so quit blaming…its all of them!

  3. Now, the majority white media has decided to tell us all "why" Joe Biden has lost black support in the last week. According to the majority white press, black voters have observed Biden's Iowa Caucus performance, and his weak anticipated performance in New Hampshire, and have begun to abandon him. Here's a novel idea. Interview black voters, and let THEM tell us "why" they're losing interest in Joe Biden? I bet, that won't happen, ( not much ), because the media wants to propound the explanation. The "liberal" media, ( democrat leaning media ), is reticent to let black voters speak, over the airwaves, for themselves.
    See how this works, folks? Why not interview the black voters, and let them speak for themselves? Support for Joe Biden probably eroded long before Iowa Caucuses, for reasons ya'll may not want to get into, right now. You think black voters are not paying attention, these days? You're wrong, ( again ). And, why is Sununu on that roundtable, discussing black voters? Is that supposed to be some kind of joke? Or, just a direct, in your faces insult. We all remember the "Sununu" family name, and their prior political positions, vis-a-vis black folks. Are you guys nuts?

  4. 7:43 A better question you need to ask your fellow african americans is, why they rather vote for a white candidate like Joe Biden than a fellow black candidate like Kamala and Corey? Even black people rather vote for white people.