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Full Milwaukee Round Table: African American Voters Talk Generational Change | Meet The Press

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  1. I'm tired of these old white men screwing up the country. Either miss use of power, injustice, impoverishment of minorities, reforms in the minority community, but most of all wars / conflicts. If we didn't spend money on loan's to allies, and overseas fobs; the government could spend that money on the economy for lower, and middle class.

  2. Garbage. Unemployment is low because there are jobs available for people that want to work. Go to that 18% black men 15-105 and ask how many are looking for a job. Tired of this where’s my handout mentality. I’m glad this group of black voters don’t represent the group as a whole. But of course, you’ve got NBC presenting it as if these people are “experts.”

  3. I know people call it pandering but I’d love to see Andrew Gilliam as Joe’s vice… I think that would excite me to vote for him. As for Bloomberg, younger voters don’t know who he is… I wouldn’t leave my house to vote for him. I would vote Biden if he wins the nomination although I would hope he only stays president for 4 years. I’d rather Yang or Bernie.

  4. Bloomberg and Biden are much more racist than Trump. Most black folk that I've met, worked with, and became friends with share the same values as myself, and I'm a Republican. They are brain washed by the real racists… the demonrats, and the media! Once the democrats get your vote, they screw the blacks and Latinos over. Why? Because they are the racist ones! Wake up my black friends! The demonrats are the racist ones! Just look at the facts! Use your brain more and not what the media tells you to believe!

  5. Just as I figured. Easy to pull a few sheep from the herd rather than get a true round table with full spectrum of narratives. No representation from blacks who are convervative and support Trump. But doesn't matter – Enough Blacks are waking up to the truth and that is what will make a real difference in the direction of America.

  6. The entire matter has to be about the constitution and the protection thereof, not about convicting Trump, though that really should happen, or about your bank account. It has to be about our principles and not about the money. You can't sell out our constitution for the proverbial 40 pieces of silver, so to speak. We have to be about values and morals as best we can, even if we have to take a hit on other things. It's tough but it has to be done or we'll lose our way. We won't know what we stand for anymore. We can't afford to go there.

  7. YOU ALL ARE EITHER A GROUP OF THE LEAST EDUCATED PEOPLE IN AMERICA – OR YOU ARE FLAT OUT LIARS The one thing Obama should have taught u is that the race of a President is irrelevant. Because the Black Community was the LAST thing on Obama’s mind. – if at all.

    Docs Prove Obamacare Designed To Destroy Middle Class Home Ownership

    37 Statistics That Prove Obama Destroyed The Economy In His First Term

    Before and After Obama: 10 Signs of a Diminished America

  8. “It turns out the era of politics driven by racial identity may be over. With Barack Obama now in America’s collective rear-view mirror – and his race-motivated politics behind us, maybe we can get back to becoming one America.”


  9. Amazing how much I learned. But I still scratch my why the narrative of this group is contemplating how to replace a President that is doing such a good job and is obviously better qualified than any current democratic nominee?

  10. How exactly are they African? Most white families have been in USA less time than these black families, and you dont talk about those white families as being European Americans. So, what's with the stupid 'African' moniker? Are you being intentionally racist?

  11. Black people should vote towards the approach to help all people… black people don't need to promote acts of misbehavior and unfavorable acts in Wisconsin as a whole…. All black people are not in Milwaukee in Wisconsin there are other cities.

  12. They need to be talking to blacks other minorities in the South and Southwest and expand the electoral map that's why they are trying to discourage blacks and Latinos from voting in Texas where they don't vote because they assume the Republicans are going to win anyway but Texas has one of the lowest voter turnouts in the country. Also poor white voters some have bought in the white grievance identity politics Trump feed them since day one about how the immigrants are coming but now he hasn't said much of anything about immigration for months. I guess he has more important topics to tweet about. Young minority voters outnumber older minority voters. Biden speak to incremental change but Bernie and Wang are speaking to 20 and 50 years from now which is important on issues of wages, education, health care, and climate change.

  13. the problem as i see it….Democrats have only Uncle Toms….Democrats have destroyed education "Three of four African-American boys in California classrooms failed to meet reading and writing standards on the most recent round of testing, according to data obtained from the state Department of Education and analyzed by CALmatters. More than half of black boys scored in the lowest category on the English portion of the test, trailing their female counterparts. The disparity reflects a stubbornly persistent gender gap in reading and writing scores that stretches across ethnic groups."

  14. I am surprised that none of these people have read up on Yang's or Mayor Pete's ideas on helping with redeveloping inner cities or helping minorities creating entrepreneur opportunities. Right now black unemployment is double that of white unemployment. Wages of the minority communities has gone down under Trump. Trump has done nothing for any community that has not directly benefited him, his children, Putin or his golfing buddies.

  15. These pople sound like they have already lost and given up. They show no enthusiasm to want to change things for their communities. Do they realise what their lives will be like under another 4 more years of the liar and con man Trump?

  16. If Mikel Holt wants "black America" (his term, not mine and I will further refer to it appropriately as poor America) to read in 4th grade he needs to make a cultural change. The acceptance of children born out of wedlock is destroying the percentages of poor people who will do well fiscally in life. Skin color doesn't, DOES NOT, MATTER.

    There is a reason pacific islander/Asian Americans are making the most money now. They stay married to raise their children. About 80% for them. 60% for whites. And 20% for blacks.

    The number two indicator for the future financial success of children (behind #1 intelligence) is married parents.

    The marriage penalties put upon the poor, fiscally penalizing poor people for staying married, is put upon the poor by mostly Democrat Party Policy. Just another in the bag of tricks by a party designed to keep poor people, disproportionately minorities, poor and in their servitude.