In this video I cover the recent activity in the Duncan v. Becerra case. The A.G.’s office recently filed their petition for a rehearing. I cover the new timeline options and the basis under which the petition was filed.

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  1. Sounds like the court is being made king… I hate this crap how some one can say they dont like a ruleing and try it again. This is disgusting tyrannical rule by the leftist govt of CA and the courts.

  2. I have some questions regarding the legal requirements for an AR-22lr build I am doing. The lower receiver is Anderson Arms multi caliber AM-15 lower with a 22lr upper. My question is am I required to register with the state of CA since this is a rim fire

  3. Its funny how the Government of California is exempt from all these laws. This is a TOTAL violation of 2nd amendment rights;PERIOD.
    Our second amendment states "security of a free State" … We are being regulated by a government who specifying what we can and can not have. This is unconstitutional. How hasn't any of this been overturned. Who's really fighting for us here? Open carry shouldn't be infringed on either but again; as "Patriotic Americans" allow these laws to infringe on our rights.
    If it's this difficult to just have that 11th round in a clip; we are just screwed and us as Americans have failed.

  4. Didn't the 3 judge panel say that the mag ban wouldn't even have passed intermediate scrutiny if it was applied? Sounds like AG office is clutching at straws and trying to find anything they can use to get this overturned even if it's on shaky legal ground.

  5. Wasn't the scrutiny level addressed in Judge Benitez' original decision? Or maybe that was the Rhode v Becerra case where it was mentioned that it wouldn't even pass the mid level scrutiny, let alone Strict Scrutiny.

  6. Your video could have been shorter, that is less long, or not as wordy, or more plain had you refrained from repeating yourself, rehashing the point, or over explaining.

  7. So what happens next? I can tell you what won't happen next. The people who have been stripped of their constitutional rights won't rise up against those who took their rights.

  8. If you live in Cali YOU AND OTHER GUN OWNERS NEED TO STOP CALI FROM WALKING ALL OVER THE SECOND AMENDMENT…you elect your local govt not the rest of america….handle your shit….

  9. you people do know the they are breaking the law why do you even let them have a say in your rights stomp the shit out of those chicoms by getting them out of you government.

  10. I have a solution for California… out ALL the democrats as they come up for election….they are ALL Marxist traitors and they should ALL be jailed on charges of treason.