Community activist Quanell X and AM 740 KTRH NewsRadio show host Matt Patrick

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  1. God Ik every single person that’s supported trump always said the same thing. They talk about what he said and never what he would do. Ik they really regret they’re vote now

  2. It is a fact that for 54 years we have been voting for the Democratic Party like no other race in America and they have not given us the same loyalty and love that we have given them. We as black people have to re-examine the relationship where we're being pimped like prostitutes and they're the big pimps pimping us politically promising us everything and we get nothing in return we got a step back now as black people and say we got to look at all the parties and vote our best interest… Barack Obama our president served two terms the first black president ever but did our condition get better, did financially, politically, academically with the education in our community, did things get better, are our young people working more than what it was before he came to office? The condition got worse so now we as black people have to do and remember what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: No politician can save the black community we got to do it ourselves… America is in trouble and I want to say to black and white people only a fool fights in a burning house.

    – Quanell X, Fox 26 Houston, Aug 23, 2016

  3. I wonder how our condition became worse when black unemployment was at its high of 17% in 2010 but dropped to 7-8% by 2016. more black kids especially women went off to college. with numbers from the national education survey more black people received masters and PHD even crime has gone down compared to the 80's and 90's with a lesser population?

  4. I gotta say that this was the most peaceful conversation I've ever seen in fox face off between these guys other videos they get furious. We should talk and not fight and understand one another.

  5. Even if we examine the relationship we have with the democrats for other options, the repugs are not an alternative. The republicans work against and not for our best intersts. We need to hold the dems feet to the fire in all issues.

  6. I like this brotha he speaks the truth .. But the black community needs to demand that there youth get out there and work instead of hanging out all day smoking drinking .

  7. So you think he's moving things in the right way? Are you better? Have you a clue that Repubs are trying to take away your right to vote? Clarence Thomas even erupted in the Supreme Court over the carefully redrawn districts created to take away any ability for black people to elect anyone to represent them—black neighborhoods are divided up and tiny pieces that are insignificant are attached to each much larger white districts that vote Republican….and poll times are limited to work hours, so you must miss work, get home to vote, then back to work, long lines are created by6 sending most voting machines to nsuburbs…then there are the voter roll washes, where you are taken off for any or no reason. N. Carolina did this in 2016–thousands deleted. And an ID is required, either drivers license with photo or special ID with photo… In Oregon, we vote by mail. Register when getting drivers olicense, tho they require a birth cert–cost me $135 to bbuy printer, scanner, etc and then more to get cerrt sent from Calif.

    Obama as President–Inauguration Day Repubs met and agreed to never vote for anything he did, to destroy him, no matter what happened–and 750,000 Americans were losing jobs every month under Reub Bush! Obama's job bills were blocked EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yet he kept trying and left office on a streak of creating jobs at a rate higher than Trump has for the last 75 months he was in office! 200,000 JOBS per month for 75 months no matter the weather. Trump broke the streak in August.

    Trump trashed our trade treaties–but without a treaty, we will be charged whatever tariff rate the companies we send our goods and services to. We stand alone….already we are paying double in at least one Asian country. Money comes from wages, jobs, quality, not CEO pay or dividends. On and on, Repubs seek to screw regular peop0le to benefit the rich, take away people's right to vote, and move the tax burden of supporting govt to workers–turning the clock back to the 1800s, when black life expectancy was 33 yrs. Blame Dems but they do NOT target your lives for destruction.

    BTW, did you know that Justice Dept hires under Trump are 90% men, and 80% white? All the US Attorneys (federal prosecutors) and district court judges will soon be crazy right wing Republicans. And they have gone back to the anti-drug sentencing where pot get you life in prison, crack gets terrible penalties coke powder gets rehab… Obama had changed those, pardoned many in prison under those racist sentencing rules. Now Trump has given them back to you–but I guess you don't care, now that you are Repub… But you never will be one of them–as soon as they have your vote, you mu7st go home to your side of the RR tracks…and Trump has not introduced a single program to help you–but don't feel bad, he screwed his supporters from West Virgina to KY to Maine and AZ. Cut the Medicaid half of them depend on, Ended environmental protections, Nerbraska and Dakotas have leaking oil, poor white people are screwed big time!

    Trump now proposes to take public ed $$ for private schools, allow the rich to write-off private schools for their kids (think Ivy League, $50,000/year tuition each. Think prep schools like Eton.) But college grants will be taxable income to middle and working class. So you must get grants enough to pay taxes, shelter, food, AND tuition. But they get a write-off.

    Worst situation after tax cuts will be people earning $20,000 to $30,000/year–will get least money back, will have taxes begin to rise 1st after 2019. They cannot write off their state and local taxes, so they pay taxes on money used to pay taxes. And mortgage deduction cut to $500,000–screwing those in Calif, NY, Ill. Schools will get worse and worse until they close–and jobs run the other way from such communities–no one wants to hire illiterate, poorly read people who can't do math, know geography, when they send products world-wide.

    Blame Dems but remember, it was Republicans who passed laws saying state governors could spend block grants anywhere theywant to–then change every dime from federal govt to states to BLOCK GRANTS! That's including Medicaid! It can be used to polish statues in a park in Beverly Hills under Repub rules. Vote for them–prove you don't read about politics, believe anything they say.

    Trump's tax cut is to benefit the rich–and companies who are not small businesses. It's a giveaway using new rules that cannot be reversed next year by Dems. They think Dems will win in 2018 and 2020. And then these Draconian laws will kick in to blow up the deficit, end Obama Care, Medicaid, and Medicare is now cut by some $137 billion already. They want to hurt poor and working class Americans so badly and crash the bu7dget that terrible cuts will be necessary, then Dems will be blamed for ending Medicaid, cu7tting social security, ending disability, ending food stamps….

    The economists on the right that have respect are saying this will happen but it's worth it to cut taxes to business to nearly zero effectively. Their loophools and deductions taike their 35% rate to 16 to 18% effectively…so lowe4r the rate ton 20% and they pay 1 to 3% in taxes. Microsoft, AT&T, TimeWarner won't lose deductions. And Ivanka will get a tax credit to hire 2 nannies full-time on us. But a waitress will get about $1000 for childcare, pay $60 less taxes, and then they climb 10% between 2020 and 2025! Yopu must earn over $100,000/year to have any benefit by 2025. Everyone below that will be paying MORE and won't have help with insurance at all. Premiums are expected to rise 10% immediately after bill adopted.

    This is just some of what the two in the video don'[t have any clue are true…

  8. Every time us black people talk about doing something for ourselves white people always add themselves in Every time white and black they are scared to see what will happen when blacks come together once again.

  9. You cannot blame the black problems on Republicans or Democrats.
    All of this saying that we're in poverty, our unemployment rate is rising, there are no big black businesses in our neighborhood, and they ain't doing nothing for us.
    All of this is nothing but an excuse.
    Stop depending on one man to fix your community