African American woman posts rant against the movement on ‘Hannity’
Watch Sean Hannity talk about National Interest on Hannity.

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  1. Well according to BLM she’s not black anymore and they prolly call her racial slurs like I’ve seen many times when a person black or not doesn’t agree with them.

  2. Preach sista!!! BLM- Babies Lives Matter – ALL lives matter I answer to My God & my God is an array of colors & religion .. May the lil angel rest nestled in the arms of OUR sweet good Lord above..

  3. Been watching you for a few months and if your words hold weight i am so happy you have spoken out,,the black community needs to hear this.. they must know that many others feel this way.. white people feel for the black commmunity as you do,, its not a color that makes us feel hurt and sadness,, its the lives of the world that feels these loses.. please stay on these issues .. than k you kim

  4. Please come and speak in South Africa. We have the same problem, but here the minorities a reversed. Our government is Marxist, so we have an additional problem. Well done in your courage and determination to bring out the truth!!

  5. Where were Obama and creepy Joe Biden than? Now everything is on Trump is responsible for black Americans lives? Black Americans don't take responsibility for their actions.

  6. Peggy don't listen to anyone who disagrees with you because everything you said is true and all the people who are calling you names are just haters who aren't willing to admit their own mistakes and you are standing up for what is right and it's very courageous for you to speak out and I'll support you 100 percent

  7. Bless this woman for saying what I have. The frustration that no one is protesting & screaming for these innocent children being gunned down!! I weep for them. You made the hardest choice to practice Tough Love. I am in awe of your strength!!