Flashback: Jimmy Kimmel
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  1. Um I don’t understand this looks like it’s from ages ago why are people “cancelling” him for this I don’t understand can someone explain it to me (ok now I watched the video and I’m black and it actually funny asf)

  2. I can’t believe this was not even 25 years ago. Black face was used as a
    way to simplify and in most cases take away the identity behind the black person. The fact that not only he is wearing black face but also making Karl Malone, the black character he is playing who is also an actual person, seem slow witted, and dumb. It’s an insult. I can’t believe this guy has his own tonight show. The same goes for jimmy falllon.

  3. Seriously guys. All this BS about "he did this and she did that" needs to stop. You need to look at the situation for its face value. Jimmy Kimmel is not racists and this skit was a joke on the player and not the race. In law this would be called a wobble crime, where a felony is dropped to a misdemeanor depending on the individual situation. This skit was also created before it was a high sin to even think about covering yourself with black paint. The situation should be about learning boundaries and treating everyone with dignity and respect.

  4. Sure it’s offensive, but people do change for the better. Jimmy Kimmel is more grownup and he makes better decisions. This is similar to Jenna marbles where people change and people do stupid shit, but they change and jimmy and Jenna are different people. You guys gotta grow up and see that they apologized and they are different. You guys are just being assholes

  5. This isn't blackface. Its Kimmel impersonating Karl Malone. There's a big difference. I find this video quite hilarious.

    Kimmel is a pretty funny guy, and I loved him on The Man Show, but nowadays he seems to have lost his goddamn mind, or he's acting completely disengenuise for that big $$$$$$.