Protests across the United States have brought to light the inequities that exists. Five African-American CEOs discuss how corporations can address the issue for the future.

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  1. Every four to six years we keep hearing about these blatant acts of evil
    and racism in the U.S and you are left wondering how many these have not been
    reported or acknowledged are we are probably only hearing about one out a
    thousand of this kind of savagery or maybe even more; it makes me feel like I
    have never really known this country at all. year after year, decade after
    decade the afro Americans keep getting angrier and angrier, and I really don't
    know if America can go through something like this again, the country will not

  2. Robin Hood CEO had the perfect analogy, going to foreign land getting people to trust you

    Also that woman's husband used a good Yoda quote, never thought i'd see that on CNBC

  3. Those are some good ideas, but you don't quite get where black 🇺🇸 is going. The dreams and aspirations of 90 percent of 🇺🇸 population are being tamped down by those that bribe our representatives. Money is their only motivation. Take how advertising work. Some business person comes up with a new or enhanced food product. Instead of competition against rival existing products the ad campaign tears down the competition using made up medical dissembling or erroneous nutritional values. The tomato is bad for people with artritus, the pizza is a vegetable et,c. Do you really think most Americans by this fucology?

    Concerning racism in 🇺🇸. The status quo is maintained via zero options game. Example: if you want a good paying job get a good education. Ok, but that education and the grants and loans are based on degree plans design by business lobbyist. That limits innovation therefore limiting competition. We have our own ideas, hopes and dreams. We're a nation bound by the rules of another. We see you as acquiescent exceptions for statistical purposes only. You realized your dreams and ambitions but they are not mine. In 🇺🇸 non white citizens cannot innovate without permission of euro institutional edicts, fees, certification, licensure and or backing et,c. Our veiw of our future can only be brought into reality by our methods unfettered by others influences. This gradual genocide of black people is manifested in 🇺🇸 institutions. Looks at America through the reality of what your own eyes really sees.

  4. I believe there is racial injustice in society. However, it is important to remember other demographics as well, who has been left out. One cannot target one demographic in a debate about social injustice.

  5. Although I agree with most of these CEOs, I think the idea of reparations stated by Robert Johnson is ridiculous. Hasn’t CEO Robert Johnson found success without reparations?

  6. U.S. faces serious geopolitical competition. We need unity, opportunity, and engagement across races. There needs to be a greatly heightened sense of urgency around this. Let's be honest – Russia and China love our divisions.

  7. No one is talking about the elephant in the room. A fatherless family / broken family is a systemic problem within the black community, a cultural problem within the black community. Young black kids behave the way they behave has nothing to do with White people or Brown people or Asian people. Virtues, values, proper behavior and social etiquette are taught at home. And when you're young growing up fatherless and live in a broken home that affects a child's emotions, mental, and psychological faculties negatively. And that's what we are seeing right now, live, happening in front of our eyes. Do you really think throwing money, repatriation, at a problem will solve the issue? The answer is no. Do you really think the stolen LV bags, Gucci, Adidas, Bestbuy & Target products will make these people stop looting? No.

  8. So we're gonna assault innocent civilians, destroy their communities, and burn their local business because that's social justice right guys!?!?

  9. Kids esp in black neighborhoods need a lot more attention & investment, like after school programs…, based on my experience of school, we were very racially segregated and there were almost no black kids who participated in after school clubs because they were bussed home to a far away neighborhood.