First African-American female airline captain flies for United Airlines.

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  1. Great story. A pilot is a PERSON who flies an airplane. The aircraft doesn’t care who flies it. The airplane is a machine which is the extension of the pilot’s will.

  2. It has been my nearly decade long personal experience that there is so much discrimination out there in the aviation sector!

    For example, I had been trying to take piloting lessons in rural Le Mars, Iowa, where i have lived for 11 years, for 7 years and I kept being told by our local airport staff that our local airport didn't have a plane that was heavy enough to carry myself (who weighs about 350 pounds these days) and another individual for recreational flights as a passenger or as a student pilot who was interested in flight training and gaining the several thousand hours that one legally has to log to become a commercial pilot.

    Then, in a totally sadistic twist of fate, 4 local people died in an aircraft that flew right out of that same Le Mars, Iowa airport and the the guy who was flying the plane was flying with one of his students and two passengers on a hunting trip when the plane crashed because the pilot in command of the aircraft had a heart attack during the fatal flight, however, I later found out that the aircraft was leaking carbon monoxide and all 4 passengers were found to have carbon monoxide in their system during their autopsy.

    It just made me think that, these people who were operating this aircraft could have made enough money to properly maintain the aircraft and those 4 people would be alive today if they had been more willing to make a profit from recreational aircraft flights and flight training than they were willing to lie to and discriminate against a local individual who was already a 30+ year veteran of the transportation industry who had been recommended to take recreational flights and flight training from that facility by members of the facility's staff's own family members.

  3. If she possesses the nerves of steel I imagine a commercial airline pilot would need to fly a jet full of strangers, then good for her. But if she’s the first black female commercial pilot, that can ONLY mean one of two things. Either there is so much institutional racism and misogyny in the friendly skies that’s kept black women back, or there are so few black women with an education in aviation, and even fewer at the top of their class. Personally, I don’t care about her race or her gender or her sexual preference. Can she fly the damn plane is all I care about. That’s the only thing ANY pilot should be proud of.

  4. Stupid people use the silly term "African American" in a desperate attempt to be politically-correct.

    They don't realize that Africa is a continent – not a country.

    Omar Sharif is from Egypt but lived here. Dave Matthews and Charlize Theron moved here from South Africa. I guess that makes them all African Americans!

    What do you call a black guy in Canada? An African Canadian? An African North American?

    Some folks just can't think for themselves.

  5. Considering the number of 'coolies' [Chinese] who died building all the western railroads and who were considered less than human, why is it we never hear 'first Asian American this' or 'first Asian American that'? I'm not interested in the color of your skin or your gender, i.e., biologically born male or female. My only interest is are you an asset to America.