Sooner or later every comic has to deal with some opinionated audience member. Generally these hecklers are awful because they mess up timing and pacing for the comic, and tend to throw the entire show off balance, therefore ruining the show for all other paying customers.
SOMETIMES though, hecklers add a great new element to live comedy. Given that the person they’re ripping on makes fun of shit for a living, there’s always a good chance that heckler will get thoroughly owned.
With that, here are great instances in which hecklers were properly put in their place.

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  1. Joe Rogan is not a us champion of tkdo or a master .he trained a lot but did not fight much in tournaments or else as he was worried about concussion. There's a podcast where he talks about this.

  2. How awkward is that, to actually raise your hand in the middle of someone's set. Beyond polite, but you HAVE to know the minute you raise your hand in the middle of someone's routine and have that split second thought of "why am I doing this right NOW" that you're too drunk OR just make awful decisions.

  3. all the people shitting on amy shumer, but that was actually by far the funniest thing she has ever done. It wasnt that funny, but for her it was alright

  4. The hate Amy Schumer gets…. jeeze. Nikki Glaser is truly proof that people only hate Amy because she is heavy. Same dick jokes. Same pussy jokes. Same jokes about screwing. Buuuuut it's coming out of the mouth of a woman who's prettier…. so it's ok, right?