. This video will show you how to make a Nigerian food called Edika Ikong. This recipe is rich with assorted meat and vegetable.

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  1. All you vloggers failed on this soup, only just 2 women above 55 years old got it right from hundreds of videos I saw about this soup. Onions is forbidden in this soup by the gods of our land and oil is the last last ingredient in this soup. Make your enquiries and stop cooking rubbish just to show off your kitchen

  2. If this is not edika lkong,we'll call it edika lkonga then, shall we.Cos it looks very good and l'm sure it taste better than the original.

  3. You are wonderful , see if Companies like cardibary Maggi cubes etc products they Produce they can place advert , some this foood Companies that produced those spices , they place advert and give you some Money . Really you lovely guy . You make Nigerians happy and they way you talk makes more interesting . Like you , keep it up .

  4. I really love your vedios, you make cooking very easy and enjoyable, am 17 yrs old and I take liking in cooking African dishes from other countries, Am a Cameroonian. I made this for my family today and they couldn't believe that I made it Lol, it tasted very delicious thanks very much for helping us out in improving our cooking skills, your loved and appreciated. God Bless You