Dylan Roche does stand up for the first time at Helium Comedy Club.
Instagram/twitter: @_dylanroche

@FunnyFunnyHotdog on instagram and twitter

Youtube: Funny Funny Hotdog (sketch comedy duo)

Funny Funny Hotdog on twitter: @FFHDComedy

LOBBY404 on Soundcloud:

Michael Roche (my dad):

September 3rd, 2016

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  1. im happy that a young kid was willing to do stand up and had the actual balls and as i am a teenager and would love to try stand up at a open mic, but this has so many views and idk why i just didnt think it was that funny

  2. I love how he's telling those Boomer jokes and you can see in his face that he himself is surprised they're laughing at them. I think there is none unther 30 in that crowd xD

  3. To me he just sounds like my nephew who just wants to go home and has that sense of humor that my parents will laugh so hard about, while I just understand the language he is speaking.

  4. When I clicked on this and I saw that the guy introducing him had the same colour shirt on as the kid in the thumbnail I was really confused hahah (because I thought it was him lol)