Dressing for women over 50 isn’t all that unlike dressing for women under 50. Dress for women 50-plus with help from a professional image consultant in this free video clip.

Expert: Natalie Jobity
Contact: www.elanimagemanagement.com
Bio: As a professional image consultant and President of Elan Image Management, Natalie Jobity has empowered hundreds of women to express their unique style.
Filmmaker: curt ellis

Series Description: Dressing once you hit age 50 isn’t all that dissimilar to dressing before you hit age 50. Learn all about dressing after 50 with help from an image consultant in this free video series.

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  1. I agree with these comments, you can't put a certain style on a certain age ! I am 63 and I love wearing bohemian style, because that's me, it's who is, why would I stop and have someone suggest different!? I don't believe in the cookie cutter rules! I've always colored outside the lines, iam a artist and I feel comfortable in my clothes

  2. For me i am a woman in my 50s i am a woman who likes style i know what looks nice on me. Because of my invisable illness which i cant control. I take pleasure in wearing. Nice and comfotable clothes. Age is nothing but a number you have good tips. But its nice to wear colour. Brighten up your day. My age does not mean i cant wear trendy clothes. I will not wear anything that does not make me feel comfortable and i feel confident in. Thank you for this video i find it informative.

  3. So ageist. I am over 50 and like many women today look act and feel 40. I wear clothing that looks good on my body. It don't matter if it's age appropriate I'm not a child. I love colour on women and I love classic colors. In the beginning you say you shouldn't flaunt yourself you last line was flaunt it. Make up your mind.

  4. Great suggestions and being positive. I'm nearing 50, still love wearing newer.. if not toned down.. fashion trends. As you kindly advised, it what makes you feel confident and great that matters. Good vid!

  5. well got through the first few mins but had to stop the video as I couldnt comprehend how this "professional image consultant" has the arrogance to think she has the god given right to tell us how we should feel comfy and dress after 50!! Im sorry but I find it offensive and the clothes WELL!! my mum wouldnt even wear them granny clothes.I dont need to learn how to dress like an old lady in her 50's because this expert( and I use the term loosely) has blagged an career out of image consulting with women who have no confidence in themselves to dress as they like! I dont know what image she was trying to get together there but if i wore them here where i live id be called a bag lady!! rant over!

  6. There is no hard and fast rule. You are right . Just be you, be fabulous and flaunt it. Just wear what makes you feel good. Most important of all – you must be comfortable in your own skin.

  7. I really enjoyed watching you I have some of those clothing you have present it. But what about the women over 50 who have a stomach and we're always trying to hide it can you help on that thank you for your time

  8. I'm 60 years old and I too believe I don't look it. But, if any stranger off the street were asked my age, I dare say they would answer I looked 60 or over. This lady is trying to give us information that will help us look classy and not trashy. Because we feel and think we look younger than we actually are, we wear clothes that sometimes make us look less appealing.

  9. While I agree with the idea that a woman over 50 needs to be careful with her fashion choices, which goes for every woman anyway, I don't agree with the selection of clothes on display. I think individuality is important, and as a woman over 50, I would never wear any of the clothes on display in the video. I like to be me, and I am fashionable, but without the need for the overly mature image these clothes present.

  10. You have some good sugestions but I think ultimate what we women decide to wear depends greatly if we like it and feel comfortable wearing it. The magnificent spectrum of fashion is just too large to limit ourselves to just a limited variety of styles or colors and base our choices in something so insignificant as our age.

  11. You know, I have tried to like your videos but it is difficult when assumptions are made that the women over fifty have suddenly become challenged at making decisions concerning their clothing. I think that the choices that you have held up are dull and boring. Your points about being comfortable are sound and advice that should be followed by all age groups. Don't follow trends? Why? Why not follow trends. I am almost 60 and I dare say that I would rather rip my hair out than follow your very conservative and uninspiring advice!!!!

  12. I am me way over sixty and fabulously classic.. A woman of color with a bronze Goddess skin tone. Really sizzling so your taste in clothes is definitely out of my era.

  13. The clothes look old fashioned wear what suits you and not go by age. Colour brightens up you face when I wear dark colours I look worn out and drawn.

  14. I think the clothes you recommend are for work in an office or dressing up. They don't fit my lifestyle or size and shape. For example, to say that every 50+ woman needs a blazer and little black dress in her closet is just not accurate.

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