Journalist Douglas Murray has criticised the Black Lives Matter organisation, saying its members “want to present this country of ours as something it just obviously is not”.

It comes after the group’s Oxford leader Sasha Johnson compared the police to the Ku Klux Klan.

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  1. BLM is bad news. But Douglas Murrey makes himself look small by heaping it on one young, misled leftist. Young bitter people are easy to pick on. Murrey should save his talents for this big issues.

  2. I’m Mexican( in USA) and I’m terrified to state my opinion on current events on social media lest I be accused of being a racist🙄 or of supporting racist people. People are either Terrified and quiet or obnoxiously loud and in a hatred filled trance:
    “us good, and everyone that disagrees with us racist/evil.”

  3. SJ sounds like Wolfie' from Citizen Smith of Tooting for those who remember that great comedy – A pathetic character who commands no support

  4. looking at the obscene comments against this black citizen just shows and makes the point that a million man/woman march needs to be made to highlight that racism still exists.. The ethnic white British have mass collective amnesia when it comes to their empire which was based on 300 years of institutionalised racism. All of a sudden are we are expected to believe that Britain is suddenly not racist ?. give me a break.

  5. I thought black lives matter was a movement not an organisation? If you truly believe all lives matter then you must support the black lives matter movement since black people face particularly high levels of discrimination due to systematic racism. If all lives truly do matter then we must raise attention to the inequality which exists in society against people of colour. To deny the existence of systemic racism in the UK is at most short sighted and at worst fucking idotic.

  6. stop praising multi racist / cultural / religious societies
    poc and muslims are definately coming for you as well and sooner than you think
    every single non white or non christian being deep inside hates us and they have got a plan
    they are simply just stocking up and getting ready they won´t wait for the demographical change they want to conquer wake up

  7. I'm sick to death of hearing about Stephen Lawrence – he's no more relevant or important than ANY other murder victim EVER. If you want to talk about racism, can someone kindly explain to me how I've been hearing about Stephen Lawrence for thirty years but only heard of Ross Parker
    , Kriss Donald and Richard Everitt a couple of weeks ago? Ummmmm… I wonder why that might be?

  8. The people who we've been welcoming into our country for decades now WILL eventually form their own political parties and they WILL eventually gain power. Don't for a nanosecond assume that, when that finally happens, we'll be afforded anything like the same rights and considerations that we've been affording them – all the evidence suggests that we won't. Remember, Hitler was VOTED into power.

  9. It hasn't achieved anything but create more racial tension. They had every opportunity to debate and have motivational speeches. What country is more tolerable than the UK? Where is it any better?

  10. Before color blindness we had segregative thinking. The left is (partly unawarely) about to bring that idiocy back, only with a different suffix, that's all. We should call such people out for what they are: Fucking racists.