Several dozen people, some donning shields and helmets, and police clashed at the headquarters of the Denver Police Department on Saturday night.

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  1. funny, suddenly the commiecrats are figuring out its back firing on them, the hipocracy is strong with these maggots, they pay them to riot and then throw them under the bus.

  2. Biden's ratings have been going down because of the "peaceful protests". Racial left is scared he may lose so they ordered the city leaders to stop the rioting. Fact!

  3. are they gonna prosecute the cops when they beat the shit out of protesters…Go ahead ,try to stop these protesters..what are the cops gonna do when they are surrounded by 50000 protesters

  4. Unfortunately based on considerable personal experience as a white person that did not break the law to obtain wealth, and how a black person is treated in comparison to a white person in America, I have to say the reality being expressed here is empty words and wishful thinking that the US Legal System will protect anyone not connected to money. And it can be even worse if you are connected to money but not part of the gang often referred to as the "good ol boys". Look how many times I reported the felony theft that occurred on June 9, 2009 to stop an HOA lawsuit I filed by stealing the case evidence and legal papers in JFH vs Maluhia Country Ranches HOA when I was only 21 days away from winning the 9 year dispute and lawsuit putting many wealthy individuals and their insurance companies at risk by lifting a Court Ordered Stay holding back many other lawsuits with many angry HOA members lined up to use the same evidence.

    If you want to see what's happening to American look what happened in Maluhia Country Ranches large acreage ocean view subdivision on Maui destroying the Board members own property values due to their greed ruining a great opportunity for everyone. "We the People" don't matter when corruption hidden by deception and violence rules to support greed. "Are your legal papers in there?" Now why would they say that while in the process of stealing everything I own to acquire them when they they already knew they were there? To keep this short the WA Klickitat Sheriffs disobeyed a Superior Court Order to assist in the felony theft of everything I own placed in storage protected by a storage contract faxed to the Sheriffs beforehand and handed to them in person on June 9, 2009. The bait to cause an emotional response and defend my Constitutional Civil Rights and get shot in the process didn't work and I obeyed the Sheriffs Orders to allow them to assist a local political lobbyist steal everything I own without a land title or pink slip knowing they were being recorded breaking the Law and what time would do to them if I played it smart and got out of there able to reach a safe location with reliable witnesses so they couldn't make an adjustment to the political lobbyist's plan and claim I became a threat AFTER I left. Because I didn't react emotionally over a decade later I'm still here to document the truth so history gets it straight waiting for law enforcement in three States to do their job and act in good faith…. but look what followed instead.

    Like I said "wishful thinking". But look what time it is. It's no longer my problem… it's their problem now. They broke the law and no Reasonable Man with the experience I and my girlfriend's family endured in 1994 dealing with my girl friends auto accident caused by a drunk driver and the associated well documented police corruption connected to her insurance policy and two attempts on her life with what's on record exposing attempted murder to hide it is going to push the issue beyond what I have already done in reporting the crime in good faith. I don't need to break the law to express hate in revenge as they caused harm to themselves increasing with time. The damages to be collected are in a trust with unusual leverage connected to public opinion. I won thanks to SLAC E158 team, they just don't know it yet: (e{a})/t=E.

    Too many US police officers are acting like violent children that watch too much TV trained to act out of emotion in place of using the Law to repress hate causing this violence the police created by starting it. Too many police in America are not supporting the US Constitution and what we see instead is law enforcement addicted to the chemicals of hate. It's impossible for a Reasonable Man to deny because the police are routinely filmed expressing hate over and over again. Arizona police pulling down a white man's pants and tazing him in his penis and testicles in front of his children is only one example, Gram Dryer is another where both incidents involving white people like countless others show what amounts to a form of sexual assault in expressing hate. Hate and sex go together in the animal kingdom that humans in the middle of emotion breeding logic are trying to get away from. The politicians use emotion like a Yoyo moving sideways left to right to control the population. Once someone picks a side pack mentality takes over and logic gives way to emotion and division. And divided We all fall….

    The case against Darrin Manning, who was not a criminal but rather a 16 yr old black male student at the Mathematics, Civics, and Sciences Charter School who did nothing wrong to be stopped and searched had his testicle ruptured by a female officer searching him and using common sense applied to the facts is an excellent example IMO of how sexually perverse and corrupt police have become in expressing hate, and how far the police will go to find "expert witnesses" including doctors to change the truth and alter "reality" in their favor and in most cases do a very poor job of it compared to the truth because they can get away with it "as is" because they are in control connected to the flow of money even thought they are caught on camera breaking the law over and over again.

    What we see is delusion trying to hide History repeating itself. What happened to me on June 9, 2009 when the Klickitat Sheriffs assisted a local political lobbyist break a Superior Court Order to steal everything I own and stop a lawsuit can happen to anyone now and it gets much worse than that for too many Americans to just sit back and watch waiting for it to happen again to someone we love and care about.

  5. You Republicans are IDIOTS all this Violence and Protesting is Happening while TRUMP is president. IF YOU VOTE REPUBLICAN YOU WANT MORE VIOLENCE AND MORE PROTESTING.

  6. ALL CITY LEADERS NEED TO SAY THE SAME! Any leader-Governor or Mayor who says this is a protest is Colluding with these Rioters who are destroying businesses, cities & lives. LOCK THEM UP!

  7. Can you spell chain gang. Historicly it worked very well. round them up, chain them up, and hand them a broom, shovel, whatever. 2 armed guards / shoot to kill. and drive them hard. And don't give me your oh thats not right crap. They cared nothing for the rights of others, give them a taste of it.

  8. This country is changing. We will not put up with chaos. Denver is part of the USA's family. We have become United, now we are a family that will not put up with racism and chaos. Remove these criminals from your City, we stand behind you