Reaction on ‘The Story’ to Alabama Senate race results.

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  1. You have to remember that the Republican party doesn't have a black agenda, until you have a Black Agenda then you can start having segments about black people voting Democrat. Or not.

  2. The Democrats have always demanded Support from the Black Community Remember " Joe Biden's mouth said they are going to put you back in Chains" crooked women molesting Uncle Joe. ????? I never going to vote for a democrat again.

  3. Our black friends are rallying towards the basic facts that they are amazing and very much needed citizens & must be recognized and they are standing up for their rights. Donald Trump is a builder, not a born politician and works without pay to make changes for everyone who is willing to work for a living, build a safe home for their family and MAKE AMERICA GREAT !

  4. Always discussing: BLACK this BLACK that. What is wrong with just being an American woman, who really cares if you are black, white, green or yellow. We are all Americans, let’s start acting like it.

  5. Democratic Party is the Slave party. Keep taking there social programs let them raise your kids. Let them pay ur bills so Democratic daddy can also tell y what u can and can’t do.

  6. The democrats are the system that maintains an underclass. We see it in Baltimore and other places.
    There is a class that since generations is depended on welfare. The food stamps etc.
    It wants to maintain this situation and do what it takes to achieve this. Like an alcoholic wants alcohol.
    Voting democrat who promise all free stuff is right up their ally.
    It is just, you vote for me and I will give you free stuff so you can maintain your parasitic lifestyle.
    And the dems don't want them leaving the plantation. They see them as cattle and their personal fame and fortune depends on it.

  7. Shouldn't we put people in office that deserve to be there and not because of the color of their skin or the gender that they are? I mean putting someone in a position that they ain't quialfied for doesn't do anyone any good.

  8. Taking the path of least resistance, Black indentured servants stuck on the Democratic plantation, parroting the socialist talking points of their ruling class and worshiping a authoritarian religion designed to keep docile and obedient.

  9. No. The parties switched during the Hoover administration. The former president removed African Americans from positions of leadership in the Republican Party in an attempt to end the Democratic Party's dominance in the South.Some black leaders accepted the lily-white strategy as a temporary measure, but most African-American leaders were outraged. Hover further alienated black leaders by nominating conservative Southern judge John J Parker to the supreme Court. Parker's nomination ultimately failed in the Senate due to opposition from the NAACP. Many black voters, then switched to the Democratic Party in the 1932 election.