African-Americans make up about 27 percent of the state’s population, and for Jones those voters are critical in a tight race.

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Democrats Scrambling To Mobilize African-American Voters For Doug Jones | NBC Nightly News

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  1. It was never the practice of the United States until tell George Soros got in the Democratic Party to just accuse someone of something. We go to court we call the police we get a lawyer we prove this person is a pedophile. We do not just say so for if we do that and we do not stand for them and their rights then who will stand for you when they come for you.

  2. "wimpy" demoKKKrat doug jones has gone from mud-slinging to actual THREATENING REPUBLICAN VOTERS. BUT STAY STRONG ALABAMA & VOTE FOR ROY MOORE! "wimpy" doug jones, is the Ultra Liberal from the Far-Left.. he is bad for ALABAMA, and bad for AMERICA!
    wimpy is for restrictions to our 2nd Amendment.
    wimpy is for KILLING Full-term unwanted babies & he supports the Planned Parent Program to sell baby parts.
    wimpy is for Cutting the budget for our MILITARY.
    wimpy is for Raising Taxes on the middle class.
    wimpy is for OPEN BORDERS to more illegal immigrants & he supports the illegal DACA program.
    wimpy will only vote for Liberal Judges.
    wimpy also supports the broken obamacare and dosent care how much it cost people more $$$ in deductibles.