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  1. Welcome back to another episode of when keeping it real goes wrong…
    What do you think BLM is actually doing for black people? Did you know that bill gates said black people gotta get his vaccine with his id2020 technology in it before white people? What does the government need to do to get things set up so they can force this technology into peoples bloodstream(no vaccines go into the bloodstream btw)? Well as they said in the whitehouse press conference the military will be deploying it. So what do they need to deploy the military? They need a bunch of sheep led by marxists back stabbers to riot and burn down shit. You think BLM has your interests at heart you are sadly mistaken. They are getting you to set yourselves up to be Guinea pigs for bill gates before they give it to white people. You wanna beta test his technology that can tell soon as you do drugs, if you are having sex,what you eat and if they make meat illegal (Bill Gates owns most of the fake meat manufacturers) it will be able to tell if you are eating meat based protein, it can track your location like a phone but theres no leaving this at home and it will carry all your crypto currency data preventing private transactions and eliminating paper money (no more side hustles under the table to keep your head above water). Think I'm lying? Look it up,they already have policies in place to take section 8 housing and welfare from anyone that refuses the vaccine. Who does that mainly target? Have you ever heard of the kids story the pied piper? That's what BLM is, leading a bunch of gullible sheep to their demise.

    yo, I just thought of some fucked up shit I could say to put this in a different perspective. So they trying to give people this intravenous injection that has all this technology in it that will stay in your blood so they can track what you eat and the man that made that technology also owns most of the fake meat shit like impossible meat and beyond meat right. That same man is saying this fake virus is because of our livestock situations and that our wet markets (meat) are a source of the pandemic or part of the problem anyway. BLM is getting y'all to play into their hands right so what you are doing by helping BLM is helping people take chicken away from everyone including the black community. I know that's based on some stereotypical shit but think about how much more fucked up that shit is on their end. Fried chicken is cultural, they not even trying to let colonel sanders appropriate that shit anymore now they want to take it away from us altogether and mother fuckers are lining up to help them. I'm laughing but man thats some messed up shit.
    Soros funds BLM, of all the white people you could put your trust into you chose his eugenics loving ass?
    After he gets what he wants the real sustainability project starts. Euthanizing everyone on the government tit and anyone not working that tax cannot be extracted from. Congratulations anyone with no brains or calluses on their hands is going to be euthanized and everyone else will be turned into tax cattle ushering in a new world order slavery without the right to protest and criticize government and the rest of us will have chicken taken away from us and fed lab grown fake meat. This is what happens when you keep it real and dance with the devil, you get burned bitches.