Daliso Chaponda All Performances – Britain Got Talent 2017 3rd Place Winner

Daliso Chaponda is a comedian from malawi living in England, he took his talent to the next level at britain got talent

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  1. There are lots of comedians that come on this show with only midly good or cliche humor. This guy is one of those special ones who not only is actually funny, but takes his own spins on certain jokes.

  2. The guy is great but i don't need to see the scripted reactions from all the judges and ant and dec, just concentrate on the guy. I know its part of the show but it's the worst part, i don't need to see arms flung up in the air to know when to laugh at something.

  3. Him and Michael Blackson should do a Tour together!! That would be sooo FUNNYY, Two Africans BUSTIN JOKES and having a great time!! I’m laughing just at the thought 💭 🤣

  4. It's not just about making great jokes, but the way he say them and the way he act. So funny. He's funny by his nature. He's born to do this. I can say same jokes and it won't be funny. 😀

  5. If a white comedian stood on that stage and made jokes about black and white people, however pc, there would be a media explosion and they would be hounded off the stage. Daliso is very very funny but its a shame the same rules don't exist anymore for white comedians. Even Jim Davidson who has been constantly verbally abused has announced he will no longer tell jokes with black people connected to them.

  6. This guys is the best😂😂😂😂😂😂He was like Kojo but i think they are both my fav now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Number 3 is a great joke for me he's a great comedian let me check who are the enemies daliso fight to be one in this show.. Suicide i he should be number one.. So let me check ,.