AMA talks to physicians about how the #COVID19 pandemic has amplified the lack of diversity in the physician workforce, and how to create a more diverse health care workforce beginning with medical school admissions and residency selection. Stay up to date:

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  1. I stopped supporting the AMA after they came out in favor of gun control a few years ago. They do NOT represent my interests and therefore won't receive a single $ from my bank account. I will happily support the other physician organizations.

  2. Diversity in the medical workforce promotes favorable health outcomes for minorities and otherwise disparaged and disadvantaged communities. It is statistically proven, the privilege in this comment section is baffling. You all completely missed the point of the video. Your issues have nothing to do with anything COVID-19 related, but you hate to see attention and consideration given to less advantaged communities. It’s tiring, and it’s mindsets like these that contribute to the sustained and progressing health care disparities in minorities and disadvantaged populations. Helping one population doesn’t mean taking resources from others or from treating COVID-19 like most of the implicitly bigoted comments below imply. Thank you to those who spoke in this video for considering us, who are so frequently forgotten and disregarded.

  3. I don’t choose a Dr due to there race, I choose a Dr due to there speciality and my ailments, I don’t care what color, ethnic background, if I need an endocrinologist I look at there record and comments, weather there black, white, brown, yellow if there good I go and see them..