Dr. Simone Wildes discusses a new study from Oxford scientists that shows an inexpensive steroid already on the market may help treat the coronavirus.

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  1. Fabunan Antiviral Injection(FAI)…the Inventor of this drugs is Dr. Ruben Fabunan from the Philippines and continuously studied and developed by his brother Dr. Willie Fabunan..It has a US patent since 1975 google it, if you're being skeptical…the fabunan doctors used it to treats snakebites, influenza,chikungunya, HIV/AIDS and other viral diseases in so many years 36 to be exact..and they discovered this wonder drug can cure covid b'coz the antiviral drugs intended by killing the enveloped type of virus and covid includes to the enveloped type of virus
    ..they had a details in their documents
    FAI is the only ANTIVIRAL DRUG available all over the world and it is safe and effective and no side effects at all…the components of this drugs are dexa and procaine, the mechanism of action is when you combined this drugs with a right amount/ratio and administered it, the synergically effect was its produced bioethanol alcohol on the bloodstreams and it has a selective toxicity which means they only attacked directly to the damaged cells that inflicted by the virus and do not harm the good cells…that's what i heard on the summary explanation of Dr. Willie Fabunan

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  3. Sir try to research in you tube the invention of the Filipino Dr the Fabunan anti viral injection,they are using this medicine 35years ago,they brought this medicine in Indonesia,Bec. Of wrong system in our department of health in the Philippines.this medicine is very Good,in treatment of all kind of virus,such as Dengue,HIV, Snake bite,ebola, Influenza,chikungunya,all family of corona viruses,same country start ordering in Indonesia,the medicine is very safe,and recovery of the patient is fast.this compounding medicine,one of the components is dexamethasone+ other component.it was patent in US 35years ago

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  7. People need to know!!!!!!
    Coronavirus seemingly only affects the vulnerable. The vulnerable for years have been urged and pushed to have flu vaccinations. Flu vaccinations contain high levels of Mercury. Mercury is a metal. Metal is a conductor of frequencies. 5g was turned on and BOOM. A fast and efficient way for governments to eradicate the groups of people that they deem to cost society the most money and reduce population sizes. So before you trust in the government who allowed this to happen think twice about trusting corruption and greed

  8. The Bill Gate initiative: 1. Make a virus that reduces the population. 2. Let people die from it. 3. Send out a second wave of the virus to kill the ones who didn't take his vaccination shots. 4. Give the cure out to his buddies. 5. Debunk any other medicines that help cure the virus that was created to ruin the American economy and any re-election chances of a second term for Trump.

  9. I guess the West Texas doctor Richard Bartlett isn't getting credit for ANY of this!! Other doctors called him a wacko! Doctors MAKE MONEY off of SICK people!!! They are not in the business to CURE YOU!!!!!! BILL GATES WANTS YOU DEAD!!!!

  10. Covid-18 is not going to disappear even with a vaccine.

    If vulnerable people acquire Covid-19 a early treatment

    to prevent a catastrophe is needed. When the lung circulation is diminished by clotting a respirator may not be of much use. Early treatment with aspirin and an anticoagulant may be beneficial. View a YouTube video on sepsis that verifies this reasoning. https://youtu.be/KH9sYzrNWT0

  11. Why don't you people apply pulmicort immediately when people first show symptoms instead of waiting until they're on oxygen or struggling in a ventilator?
    We don't diagnose people with cancer and suggest they wait until the symptoms get bad to start treatment