City leaders in southern China are denying allegations of racism amid the coronavirus pandemic, insisting foreigners have not been discriminated against.

Africans living in Guangzhou say they are being kicked out of their homes and face harassment, as healthcare workers step up testing efforts for new imported infections.

The African Union, Nigeria, and Ghana are calling on the Chinese government to address concerns.

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  1. People shouldn’t we question why China has invested so much money into Africa!??? They have a contract now with them so Beware especially after seeing how they are treating them in their country !!!! EVERYTHING comes with a PRICE & Nothing is for FREE!!!!

  2. As a chinese american, i find this absolutely disgusting. Im praying for everyone who has been suffering from racism throughout the world. but this doesnt mean you can attack asians in america or in other countries, you're just being a hypocrite.

  3. I’m a Chinese girl born in America I know the other Chinese people watching this will feel offended I just wanna point out why people point out the bad side of China but never point out the good side ?Ever culture did something wrong :/

  4. Wow of course just like the whites now the China's are trying to blame black people, sorry your wrong came from China that's why trump calls it the China virus get over it 😂😂😂.

  5. guys don't use the word "china" when you say China you're trying to say the whole population. I'm Chinese I have NEVER disrespected anyone of any race or gender. Everyone is different, everyone has their own thoughts and opinions. Some of them might not be nice but when you say The word China you're disrespecting our whole race not just the specific people.

  6. Hey Al Jazeera, I noticed that your based in Qatar, a very oil-rich nation. Like most of your middle eastern neighbors that are very affluent with petro money, why don't you take these people in and grant them asylum, since you care so much about them. That's right, you can't, and you won't!

  7. The Chinese citizens lack education on the culture and diversity of different ethnicities, latin, black, indigenous, and many more individuals. Which is dangerous because they then now depend on following the stereotypes of what they hear about black individuals and others too. They then become ignorant and small minded and only listen to the lies that there own government tells them

  8. Please join me in boycotting McDonalds. If enough of us boycot McDonalds they will force the chinese government to end racism, and we continue untol our brothers and sisters are back in there homes.

  9. It’s because in the building they discovered cases!!! And these Africans refused to come out and getting examined because they stayed there illegally and are afraid the police find out their true identity 🙄🙄🙄